Monday, February 1, 2010

What cookin' at my house this week?

On Friday the gals I OAMC with and I swapped meals so I am looking forward to a new month of yummy dinners.  Here are the meals I have planned for this week.

  • Sunday--Orange Beef with broccoli (FYI--I double the sauce, omit the cornstarch, fry in MUCH LESS oil, and serve with a whole bunch of broccoli.  If you don't like sweet Asian flared dishes, skip this one!  Also skip this if you don't have OJ concentrate or a fresh orange.  Orange juice is too watered down and your sauce won't thicken).
  • Monday--Nachos (taco meat is pre-cooked and DH can handle the rest).
  • Tuesday--Sesame Chicken in spring greens with Asian dressing (we didn't eat this last week because DH and our besties surprised me at the Melting Pot for pre-birthday dinner)
  • Wednesday--White Lasagna (courtesy of Sarah at Frontier Kitchen )
  • Thursday--Lime Chili rubbed Steak with lime cilantro rice 
  • Friday--Chicken Caccitore (again, thank you Miss Sarah!)
  • Saturday--Rilda's Kickin' Chicken Corn Chowder 

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