Friday, December 23, 2011

Date Night {OUT}: Christmas Quotations (our anniversary randomness)

Matt and I celebrated our anniversary Wednesday night {whoot whoot}

This year it was my turn to plan the event and I really wrangled with what to do.  We just got back from Las Vegas on Sunday so going to a great hotel or bed-n-breakfast was out.  We ate at Alize and trust me, nothing in Wyoming or Colorado compares with Alize ... so all the typical "romantical" anniversary stuff was ... well, not gonna cut it.

So I decided to go a route that SO isn't me.  I mean, dinner was NOT the main event.  I didn't wear a dress, skirt, or any fancy jewelry.  The whole date was activity based, free-flowing, and didn't involve a single reservation.  Oh, and did I mention that is was totally based of quotations from Christmas movies?  I swear my brain is 53% song lyrics, 37% movie quotations and the rest is just junk.

What you need for the date:

  • 8 cards (I made mine from scrapbook paper.  You can just buy a holiday pack of cards at the dollar store if you aren't feeling the craftiness). 7 activity cards; 1 invitation card
  • A gift for your partner (wrapped with a bow ... this will make sense I promise)
  • 7 activities
  • A babysitter
  • 4 + hours
  • 8 Christmas movie quotations
Okay, so what I basically did here was put the Christmas movie quotation on the front of the card (or the envelope if you go the pre-made card route).  This served as the "clue."  Before we went to our activity, my husband had to read the quotation/clue and try to decipher what we were doing.  When he was ready, he opened the card to find out what was going on!


The morning of your date, give your partner a card with this quotation from Scrooged on it.  "If I can't work late, I can't work late!"  Inside write: Tonight you can't work late because we've got some lovin' to celebrate.  Be ready to leave for a Christmas-themed dating extravaganza at _____ o'clock"

Quotes and Activities

Here's what the rest of our cards said!

#1--"It is a crappy cup of coffee!"

Go get a hot drink.

#2--"You'll shoot your eye out, kid."

You taught me to drive a motor cycle; now teach me to shoot a hand gun.

That's right. We went to a shooting range and shot a 9mm Glock.  We did several different games--like who could get the highest points from the target (R=90; M=72) or who could make the highest poker hand with the card target (M=four of a kind; R=full house).

#3--"Keep the change you filthy animal!"

Well it doesn't have to be a cheese pizza and you don't get it all to yourself but let's head to our favorite pizza spot for some pizza and a game.

Matt decided he'd rather do 5 Guys Burger and Fries over pizza so we went that route.  Our justification is that Kevin in Home Alone is eating rubbish while watching "Angels with Filthy Souls" and burgers are junk food so ... there's a connection there.

For our dinner game we played "Would you rather .... the Christmas Movie edition."  No, you can't buy it; you have to make it up.  For example, would you rather hug the raccoon from Elf or the ghost of Christmas present?  Would you rather see your future or see what life would be like if you were never born? Would you rather eat a cotton ball or chew a piece of gum you found in a NY subway? Would you rather have your head burned with a blow torch or step bare foot onto a nail?  You get it ...

#4--"Is your house on fire, Clark?"

Let's drive around and find the best house "on fire"

We decided to go to the Garden of Lights instead of looking at house lights :)  Fun either way.

#5--"Well you look about the kind of angel I'd get.  Kind of a fallen angel, aren't you?  Where are your wings?"

Let's go to a place where "Angels" sell naughty things that are nice to look at.  You pick something out for me to wear tonight.  

This one was the hardest for Matt to figure out (he didn't get the Victoria's Secret Angels connection).  That being said, I get the distinct feeling this was his favorite activity of the night ... and we shot hand guns!  

Lingerie--the ultimate Homer gift!

#6--"We elves like to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup."

Let go grab a sweet treat!

Here's something funny.  In "big" cities people go out to eat late (well, not all people but it's an option.  A 10 0'clock reservation isn't unheard of in Vegas, Rome, New York ...).  Unfortunately the restaurants we tried all closed at 9.  So we ended up getting pie from Perkins.  Awesome.

#7--"There's always time for a bow."

Let's go home and unwrap your gift! (please note the double entendre) 

Some other activities/ideas:

  • Fa ra ra ra ra--Go eat Chinese food
  • And if you see a sign that says 'peep show' it doesn't mean that they are letting you look at the new toys before Christmas--a little dance in that new lingerie
  • God bless us, everyone--Spend some time praying together
  • I took a shower washing every body part with actual soap including all my major crevices--including in between my toes and in my belly button which I never did before but sort of enjoyed--take a steamy shower together
If you can't leave the house or need to do this date on a dime, you could: make cocoa, shoot nerf guns, eat a homemade pizza, look at the lights on your own tree, wrap (and then unwrap) lingerie you already own, eat ice cream, etc.  You are only as limited as your imagination. :)

It really is a wonderful life.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Things I Love: Flash Mobs

I love the flash mob craze (hence, the name of this post).

Need a little cheer today?  Feast your eyes on these Christmas flash mobs!

Carol of the Bell as conducted by Darth Vadar (great way to ease final exam stress)

A bit of a {cheesey} tear jerker

Singing and dancing ...

A little treat from the university I attend (and work at). Go Pokes!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What I Think About: Firsts and 21sts

For Randean and Jina who know exactly what I'm talking about but mostly for Matt because he loves me most when I deserve it least.


First day of September. October.  November. December.
First day of school.
First day of fall.
First Halloween.
First snow.
First Thanksgiving.


Everyone says the firsts are the hardest after death.  I assumed people meant the "biggies" like Christmas or birthdays but it's more than that. It's the firsts of everything coming and going--how they make me ache.  The first of each month heaving a sigh--the first month of its kind without her.

That first snowfall remembering how we'd hunker down with black tea with cream and sugar and play cards.  Remembering how we'd never hunker down like that again.

That first Halloween  without her.  No sending photos of Tinkerbell and David Beckham.  No recounting how Paxton ran from door to door yelling "Mo' Candy!"  A silent holiday.

That first Thanksgiving.  Making her stuffing by myself.  Looking at the empty chair near my father.  A lonely holiday.

But it goes beyond--so far beyond.  I'm nearly overwhelmed by their infinite number and how firsts won't end--even when the first year does.  Mom will miss Pax's first loose tooth.  She'll miss M.E.'s first broken heart.  She'll miss his graduation.  She'll miss her wedding.  She'll miss Matt making partner. She'll miss me getting my Ph. D.  And I know with all of these firsts I'll be haunted with that thought--that nagging, gut-wrenching feeling that "Mom would have loved this."

21sts are no better.  Today is the 21st.  I generally love to celebrate this day because it's my wedding anniversary to a man my Mom regarded more highly than most men on earth (my mom and I both have impeccable taste).  Now 21sts come like a tick-tock of a clock counting off the months since she died.  Four months now.  Four.

People keep saying it will get easier--the firsts, the twenty-firsts.  A part of me hopes so.

But a part of me hopes they don't because I never want to forget those little things she would have loved.  Never want to take for granted each first because I never know when it will be my last.

What I think is firsts and 21sts haunt me--and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thank you to Shell at Things I Can't Say for letting me vent my sometimes depressing thoughts.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Days of Play: Gingerbread Nativity

I found this on Pinterest.  You're shocked--I know.

But hello--cutest Christmas craft project ever!

And to think, all I need is graham crackers, marshmallows, gum drops, licorice, coconut flakes, frosting, and a candy bar.

Phot from AOKCorral
 Today, I am going to make this nativity scene with my children and then read them the Christmas Story straight out of Luke.  Fun.  Inspiration.  The real reason for the season.

Want to make one too?  Head to AOKcorral for directions (that link will take you).

Monday, December 19, 2011

Music Monday: THE Christmas Edition

Well, I'm going to do it.  I'm going to break down and fess up to my favorite holiday tunes.  My husband's uncle will start listening to Christmas music in October.  I need it to be post-Thanksgiving. But once it starts, it's hard to stop and if you saw me in my car, you can be certain that I'm singing along to Santa FM.

So here are my three favorite Christmas songs.

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree by the Smithereens (my apologies to the family in this video but that's what you get for randomly posting this on YouTube.)

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Judy Garland (nothing makes me miss my mom more ...)

And finally, my all time favorite ...

The River (excellent by Joni but so much better by Robert Downey, Jr.) Anyone else just love Ally McBeal???