Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Days of Play: Cruising the Parking Lot

Cruising the parking lot.  That sounds like a blast, huh?

Seriously, this is waaaayyyyyy more fun if you have a road trip planned.  But if you don't, make a chart for your kids and head to the nearest parking lot and do some "scientific" research.

What is the most popular car color or body style where you live?  Find out.

Before you get in the car, have your children hypothesize what is the most popular color (or style) of car in their town. Write down these hypotheses. 

Make your children a chart.  You could just do color.  Down one side put in the colors--red, blue, white, black, silver, green, yellow, orange, gray.   (Or do the same things with body style: sedan, convertible, truck, van, SUV, motorcycle, etc.).

Now, get in the car and drive to the nearest big-box store parking lot and have your kids make tally marks for each color/style they see. 

When you get home, tally your results.  Count the total number of cars.  Then make a bar graph representing each color (or style).  If you feel really ambitious, figure out the percentages. 

Present your results really scientific like to another parent/partner/neighbor/unsuspecting stranger.

I love scientific fun :)  I'm nerdy like that.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Music Monday: The Used

Enough with this folksy, Indie crap.

Okay, not really but this week I'm hitting up some hard core metal.

The Used can't really be classified.  Emo. Punk. Metal. Screamo.  They can pretty much do it all.  If you aren't into this "sound" because you don't like "hard" sounds, expand your mind a little.  This band is legit. You might just thank me.

Oh, and their new album is sweeeeet!

Here are my two faves--one old and one new!

I Come Alive

 Smother Me (like a hair band ballad from the 80s--no one does love songs like these guys!)


 Other songs I recommend based on lyrics that will pierce your soul: I Caught Fire ("I'm melting in your eyes"--gotta love lyrics like that) and All That I've Got (I'll be just fine, pretending I'm not. I'm far from lonely and that's all I've got).