Friday, February 5, 2010

What's Cooking 2/8-2/14

At the request of a reader, I'm going to post my weekly menu in advance so you can hit the grocery store on the weekend, if you are crazy enough to go there!

My DH will be traveling the next 6 weeks or so; therefore, I might have meals twice, skip meals, etc.  Don't be surprised to see some repeats!

Here's what's cooking at my house next week:

Monday*--Pizza Casserole 
Tuesday*--Lemon Chicken and rice with mixed greens
Wednesday--Taco Salad
Thursday--Spanish Rubbed Chicken with couscous (Thanks, Alicia)
Friday*--Sirloin and wine sauce (similar )
Saturday--out to eat with family
Sunday--Vegan soup bar and dinner rolls (to celebrate Paxton's dedication).

~No V-Day dinner for us since family will be in town but check out Spy School for a GREAT V-Day recipe to cook with your lover!~

*These meals are from Jenny, a member of my OAMC group.  Thanks Jenny!

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