Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things I love: Sick Baby Snuggles

Get well soon, Gooey Guster!

Paxton has been sick the past few days and I hate it when my babies are sick.  The germies, the gooey noses, the spit throwing sneezes, the poor sleeping, the crying, the "stuck inside and can't do anything crazies," the fevers and phlegmy coughs are the worst!

But there is one thing I LOVE about sick babies (at least my sick babies) and that is how much they want to snuggle.

Pax wants to be held constantly which gets a bit old but it only takes about .8 of a second of him sitting on the floor crying crocodile tears over toys while his boogies come dangerously close to his lip for me to whoosh in like Super Mom.  As soon as I pick him up the crying stops, the nose is wiped, the tears are dried and he pops his left thumb into his mouth (and curls his pointer finger over his nose--too cute!).  Then the best thing of all happens.  He dramatically throws his head onto my shoulder, cuddles and sighs.

There are few things worse than having a sick baby. But I figure as long as I have to wipe his nose and inhale his germs, I might as well get a few loving snuggles out of the deal.  And what a sweet way that baby reminds me how much he loves and needs mommy.  When everything else is wrong in his life, somehow just holding him makes him feel better.

And it makes me feel better too.

Holding my 3 week old--May some things never change!



  1. I know how you feel; the only time Lillian willingly snuggles (without squirming violently) is when she's sick. She's never been a snuggly baby so I take advantage of it. :)

  2. We just got back from the doctor and Pax has an ear infection in both ears and bronchitis. I might be getting snuggles for a few more days.

    Sarah--Meems was never snugly either (unless she was sick).

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