Saturday, June 19, 2010

Days of Play--Shadow Puppets

M.E. and I *literally* just finished doing shadow puppets.  I sat behind our curtain and made the puppets and she watched and guessed what animals I was making.  When we were done (because we went through the list I knew twice) she said, "gosh mom, that was big fun."

If you need some shadow puppet ideas (because you are like me and only know how to make a dog, butterfly, and bunny) click here.

If you want to feel like your skills are completely inferior, watch this--it's pretty amazing!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The "IT" list

Hooray for Friday... that can only mean one thing: the "it" list is back! This week's list has a decidedly summery feel to it. Let's dig right in!
  • tries to convince us to buy statement necklaces and shows us her favorites. I'm sold.
  • merci blah blah mixes nautical stripes and some fabulous layers of accessories for a summer get-up that I am swooning over.
  • karina, ink. makes a homemade brew of all-purpose cleaner that looks good enough to eat. (but don't! but you'll be tempted!)
  • good life for less asks for you to chime in on tube tops... you know, giving you sumthin' to talk about. Where do you stand on the top?
  • where is the me in mommy? challenges mothers (and parents in general) on letting our children live out their dreams. Very thought provoking.
  • a spot of whimsy celebrates Flag Day and gets us in the mood for Fourth of July. FUN!
  • sweetie pie pumpkin noodle whips up the fixins' for a super rad summer style patio. Um, yes, please!
  • style your life incorporates this amazing jacket into an outfit in a way I never would have thought of and I am instantly in love!
  • one hundred inspirations gets you a great french-chic look a la Alessandra Ambrosio on the cheap!
  • the pretty bee has updated her etsy shop with fun summer necklaces... I'd take one of each! They are perfect for summer.
  • i am loving the raygan clutch from elena's custom designs - I have one and love it! It's the perfect size for the essentials!
  • if you have a special occasion in your future (wedding, shower, birth), check out the special occasion offerings from really cute stuff. the texas themed cards give me a hankering for a big steak!
There you have it folks... the best of the web this week! Take some time to check out each of these fun posts and amazing blogs!
If you are interested in being featured on the "it" list (bloggers and small business owners are welcome!) check out all of the details here... then email goodlifeforless @!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things I Love: My Old Navy Wish List

Old Navy has some HOT summer gear!  Here's my dreamy little wish list ...

For Fun:

For the Lake

For Date Night


So who's going shopping with me?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What I Think About--Dangerous Dreaming

Abby Sunderland's dream was to circumnavigate the globe on a forty-foot racing yacht.  The video below shows Abby's father praying for her before she started her solo-mission.

Last week Abby was feared lost at sea (if you've been under a rock breathe easy--they found her).

I admit my first reaction to this story was something along the lines of "What the heck are they thinking?!?!"  She's too young.  It's too dangerous.  What poor examples of parents!

Indeed most critics have my same reaction.  Now Abby's mom and dad must stand up to the very critical eye of a public who would blame them, who would flat out call them stupid and neglectful, for letting their daughter dare to reach her dreams.

As I researched this story I reflected on my dreams for my children.  Madisen is very persistent--a negotiator with unparalleled skills.  I'd love her to be an attorney.  And Pax is so adventurous and loving.  He'd make a great teacher.  And my kids are so cute they could easily find spouses and settle down near us and raise sweet little families.  This dream sounds so familiar.  Wait!  It's my life.  An attorney, a teacher, and a couple of kids.  I love my life.  It's just want I want.  But what if my kids want more?  Will I encourage them or hold them back?

I'll admit that as a mom, I have a hard time thinking my kids might have dangerous dreams. Perhaps my biggest fear is that my kids' dreams will take them far away and have them living in dangerous places in dangerous times with dangerous people.  But what if it is their God-given purpose that leads them?  Should I hold them back for my sake?  For safety's sake?

All this thinking has me wondering about when people are the "right" age to reach for their dreams. I mean, we tell our kids they can do and be anything.  But at what age are we, as parents, supposed to start letting go and believing and trusting that they really CAN do and be anything? Is 18 okay but not 16?

For some reason an old Van Gogh quote keeps running through my mind: "The Fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm is terrible but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore."  Perhaps not taking the risk is more dangerous than attempting to make a dream a reality.

What I think is I want my children to pursue their dangerous dreams.  I want to hold them firmly with my hands wide open--protecting where and when I can but letting go (and letting God) when and where I can.

Borrowing from Oswald J. Smith, "I want your plan for my children's lives, God.  May they be happy and contented in homeland or on foreign soil; whether married or alone; in happiness and sorrow; health or sickness; prosperity or adversity; safety or danger.  I want your plan for my children.  I want it.  Oh, I want it!"

Was letting Abby pursue of her dream inspiring or foolish?

If you are stopping by from this week's IT list--thank you!

My friend Sarah said I remind her of a quotation from "Julie and Julia"--"I have thoughts; I can blog." Every Wednesday I blog my thoughts.  Sometimes I get jeers; sometimes I get cheers. 

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Mom Laws

Have you ever heard the old adage "Murphy's Law"?

From where I stand, Murphy's Law ain't got nothin' on Mom Laws.

Since I became a mom so many events have become truisms that I take for granted.

Here are examples of Mom Laws around my house.
  • Children must vomit, wet the bed, of have a bloody nose within twelve hours of having their bed sheets laundered. 
  • Only freshly mopped kitchen floors will be spilled on.
  • The one day my children sleep until 8, I will be up by 5:45.
  • Nothing mechanical ever works when it is needed.
  • A car's leather interior is a magnet for muddy feet.
  • Children never say a "bad" word unless a grandparent or judgmental adult is present.
  • Children never throw tantrums until their mom receives the compliment of having well-behaved children.
  • As soon as we get home from the store, I remember that my children don't actually want the toy they've been begging for.
  • Children never have runny noses unless A) you are wearing a clean shirt for them to wipe their noses on or B) you are completely out of kleenx and thus have to do a "mom wipe."  You know what I'm talking about. 
  • Children only get sick when there is an event or outing you can't possibly miss.
  • Children are never to full to finish their dessert.
  • Moms never pee alone.
  • Moms are not allowed to enjoy dessert, snacks, or special drinks without feeling guilty for not sharing with their children (and you know what, sometimes I don't want to share my cookie!).
  • You'll never find a pacifier when you need it.
  • There are not enough batteries in the house.  Ever.  This goes double for bananas.
  • Children think its a thrill to pee in the dark during the daytime but are terrified of going into the night-light lit bathroom at night.
  • One tiny little four year old will take up a whole king sized bed if given the chance.
  • It is impossible to keep a sliding glass door kid-print free.
Though I sometimes get bogged down by these Mom Law truisms I try to remember the Mom Law that matters most to me:

There is no laundry pile deep enough, no mess big enough, no bodily fluid gross enough to take away the joy of being a mom.

My niece Ella doesn't mind testing Mom Law limits!

What Mom Laws guide your momiverse?

Your Words

My favorite part of Real Simple is the "Your Words" section where readers submit their thoughts to prompts.  I'm toying with the idea of adding this to my blog so I can get to know my readers better.  Any thoughts on this?  Good idea?  Bad idea?

Until I decide if this would be of interest, please humor me by answering this prompt:

If you could go anywhere, and do anything, and had all the money and logistics figured out--what would you do today?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What's Cooking 6/14-6/20

My love affair with the grill continues ...

Monday--Matt's fat cheeseburgers and home made fries
Tuesday--Mediterranean couscous with kale, grape tomatoes, and feta cheese
Wednesday--Garlic Herb Halibut and spinach
Thursday--Spicy honey chicken (I could eat this every week!)
Friday--Steaks and salad
Saturday--BBQ bone-in chicken breasts
Sunday--Dad's choice (but I'm feeling Balsamic chicken thighs and mixed greens)