Friday, June 15, 2012

Fitted Blazers v. Yoga Pants. A Truce?

So,  I've been reading a mom-blog ever since ... well ... I can't remember how long.  That's how long I've been reading it.

Want to know why I read it?  Because I identify with the mom/wife/woman behind the blog.  She's real in a "my kids are driving me crazy," "I'm crying because I missed something big," and "You should hear my love story" kind of way.  Shell at Things I Can't Say is amazing.  I'm a loyal follower.

Well guess what?  Shell invited (yes, invited.  I did not stalk her and force this) me to be write a guest post for her blog so if you want to hear my thoughts on Fitted Blazers v. Yoga pants, head to her site.

It feels pretty good to spill it on someone else's blog.

Plus, now I to show off a new button!

Oh ya--I'm totally being featured on Things They Can't Say!


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Things I Love: Damn Good Food

Yes that's right.  I love to eat.

I love to eat sweet things and salty things and savory things.  I love American and Mexican and Asian.  I eat meat and veggies and quinoa.

I love to eat.

By default, this means I love damn good food.

I bet you are thinking I'm going to go on and on about how much I love my fave food blog, Frontier Kitchen.  True, I do love that site.  But you are wrong.  Today I'm telling you how much I love Damn Good Food.

You caught me.  Damn Good Food is Frontier Kitchen with a catchier, edgier name.  I love the name change.  Now, since this blog is brought to you by one of my BFFs, I can tell you that the name change has come with a bit of controversy.  Apparently "damn" is too risque.  Seriously, people have unfollowed the blog because of "damn" (at this point I'd like to say F*%$ or S!@& but I won't.  It isn't classy).

Despite the damn name drama, I must admit the new blog name suits the site and the food so much better for these reasons:

1.  Although our town used to be on the plains of WY, we are now the biggest city in our state.  It hardly has a "frontier" feel.

2.  I've been in Sarah's kitchen.  There's nothing rustic or "frontier-y" about it.  It's very sleek and modern.  She's hardly roughing it.  Seriously, even her grill has a charcoal or gas option.  No open fires.  Last time she made me dinner she made s'mores in the oven (with peanut butter cups!  Hello, brilliant!).  Nope. Not roughing it.

3.  The food cooked in said kitchen is damn good.  There's no other way to describe it.  Her recipes aren't pretentious and self-important.  She makes real food for real people with a zero tolerance policy on casseroles.

Congrats on the name change, Sarah.  I'm going to continue following your damn blog with it's awesome damn name and it's mission to bring Damn Good Food to the masses.

Damn, venting this felt good.  Now, how about some damn good steaks for Father's Day?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I Think About: Passwords

On Monday Matt and I were at the VA with my dad waiting for his minor surgery and we had to listen to some awful talk show with several female hosts (Darlene from Roseanne? Molly Ringwald?  What is going on with daytime TV?).  Anyhow the question they were discussing was "do you check up on your partner's web use?

ALL of the ladies admitted checking their partners' facebook/twitter posts, etc.  However, they made a big deal that they do not check e-mails or ever log onto their partners' accounts.  In fact, they stated they do not share passwords because if you are checking on your partner then the relationship has "bigger problems."  One woman even said, "If you go lookin' for trouble, you'll find it.  I'm not going looking."

Well, this discussion took place in two minutes and obviously killed half my brain cells but it did get me thinking---should we share our e-mail/social networking passwords with our partners?

On one hand, I think no.  Relationships are built on trust and if you ask for my passwords, I'll think you don't trust me.

On the other hand, if I have nothing to hide, why would it bother me?  Relationships are also built on accountability and who better to keep you accountable than your partner?

Just being totally upfront here, I know Matt's passwords and he knows mine.  I do NOT get on any of his sites or accounts because I'm checking up on him.  I have, however, on occasion gotten on to retrieve an e-mail receipt or to find something for him.  I trust Matt but I also feel secure knowing that he is trusting enough of me to be accountable with his sites.  And vice versa.

I guess for us, passwords are like fire extinguishers.  We keep them in the house but don't use them unless there's an emergency.

What I think about passwords is that sharing them helps promote trust and accountability.

What do you think?  Do you share your passwords with your partner?  Why or why not?

 Thanks, Shell for letting me Pour My Heart Out on your blog.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Days of Play: Simon Says--the Cloud Edition

My daughter, you know, the one who wants to be a cheerleader {what?} is totally a science chick.  This little princess goes from dressed up to dirty in 2.0 seconds if it means capturing a moth or popping off a grasshopper head.

She's hands on but she's got brain smarts too.  Like she told me that Orca Whales are actually not whales but are in fact, related more closely to the snubfin dolphins.  I googled it.  She's right.

And today she told me, "I'm sweating.  I need to drink more water because that means I'm dehydrated."  Seriously, for 6 years old, she blows me away with her "hot air rises" and "plants eat by photosniffs" (I'm certain she meant photosynthesis) talk.  Smart little thing, isn't she?

Well, since I love to play purposeful games with my kids AND she loves science, I decided to combine the two.  I was telling her about the three kinds of clouds: cirrus, stratus, and cumulus and I came up with arm actions for them.

Cirrus clouds are the light, whispy, fair-weather clouds that are generally high in the sky.  I love how they look like feathers.  Our arm actions for cirrus clouds where to swing them back and forth very "featherishly" and daintily.

Stratus clouds are low lying clouds that can be dark and might signal snow or rain.  They often look flat.  Our arm actions for stratus clouds was to put our arms straight out at the shoulder and to turn back and forth at our waist to show how the flat clouds are often expansive.

Cumulus clouds tend to be puffy with flat bottoms.  When they sit low in the sky, this can mean fair weather.  When they grow tall, they can usher in thunderstorms.  Our arm actions for cumulus clouds was to make a big, puffy O over our heads with our arms.

Once we had the moves, we played Simon Says.  Simon says be a Cirrus cloud.  Be Cumulus.  You get it.

Honestly, the actual game only entertained my kids for about 5 minutes but coming up with the actions, showing them photos of clouds, telling them cloud names, and doing a "cloud check" in our back yard took about an hour.  An hour of fun science.  I declare this a win for momkind.

Music Monday: Judge Not

Confession:  I went to a Nickelback concert on Sunday night.

Here's the rest of the story.  See they were the headliners on an awesome line up: My Darkest Days, Seether, and Bush.  As far as I'm concerned, Nickelback was a sideline--I totally went to the concert for the other bands.

No joke.

I sang along to Porn Star Dancing and Country Song and Machine Head but I don't know the words to Nickelback songs (I was a minority in the sold out crowd) so instead, I just danced with my hubs and watched one of our favorite couples get totally rowdy (at one point, HIS shirt came off.  There are damning photos of this incident.  I won't share them.  Not yet, at least).

Generally my musical tastes are spot on so don't judge me for this little Nickelback incident.  Trust me, I'd see some totally crappy bands if it meant hearing Gavin Rossdale belt out Come Down to a screaming crowd.

Judge not.