Thursday, July 7, 2011

Things I Love: I {Heart} Radio

Here's a shocking truth.

I hate the radio.

Really there is never anything on I like.  It's always the same lame songs over and over and over.  I've had it up to HERE (imagine me with my arm over my head) with Nickleback, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga!  Blech.

So as a rule of thumb I don't listen to the radio,

Unless I'm in Denver and then I can listen to 93.3

People, this is the I Ching of radio stations. All modern alternative rock all the time (except for 11 pm when they play electronic/techno music.  I skip that).

I kept trying to convince Matt that we need to move to Denver so I can have a good radio station. But apparently that's not a good idea since he'd have to get a new job and we'd have to sell our house and make new friends and stuff.  Apparently his priorities are mixed up :)

Anyhow, one day I was stalking the 93.3 playlists--you know, to torture myself--and I found a play online button.  WHAT?

I clicked, it took me to an I HEART RADIO app which I promptly downloaded.  Now every now and then this app will crash but overall, I love it.  Lovey, love, love-love-LOVE it!  I can listen to 93.3 anytime, anywhere.

Thank you I Heart Radio.  I heart you!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I Think About: Secret Broken Hearts

There's nothing worse than a broken heart.

That's what I used to think.  But now I know better.  The truth is, there is nothing worse than a secret broken heart.

Secret.  As in, something you've never told anyone.  A wish.  A dream.  A barely whispered prayer.

I've had this secret "other" life that I dreamed I would live.  And yesterday, though I knew it was coming for a long time, if finally hit me.  I'm never gonna have that life.  And I just fell apart.

It isn't that my life isn't heavenly.  I mean, it's divine.  I am in a passionate and fulfilling marriage.  I have darling children.  I have the love and support of so many friends.  But one thing is off.  One thing will never be right. And I'm broken hearted about it.  What's worse is I can't explain more than this. It would ruin how sacred this dream was to me.

So I have a secret broken heart.  And I've written it a poem.

There's an edge in my attitude and my eyes don't sparkle as much, it seems.
My stature has lost its confidence; my laughter it's familiar ring.

How do you let go when memories that made you laugh, now make you cry.
And how do you mourn a dream of what you hoped would be
when it escapes you like a sigh?

I'm tired of saying I'm fine.
I'm more tired of pretending to be.
I didn't know that it'd be like this from the start.
Didn't know it would kill me to have a secret broken heart.

But the words you wrote, you spoke, you sang, you whispered ...
They haunt me.  They won't leave me alone.
And I don't want them to leave alone.

I want it not to hurt.
I want it to be okay.
I want to go back to make you see--to make you stay.

Stay with me.  How you are.
Because I'm fine with imperfection
It makes you perfect for me.

But how do I make you see when who you are is nothing but a memory,
a dream, an illusion--to me.

I'm so damn tired of saying I'm fine--more so of pretending to be.

I'm not alright.
I am broken.

And my secret broken heart is might kill me.

What do you do, when dreams don't come true?
When they divide you? When they break you?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Days of Play: Water Fight!

It is officially summer here (sigh)

Since I live in a state that only gets summer for about forty days I like to really whoop it up when the weather allows (Read: My kids have to make me come inside for dinner and force me to take a bath. Sad but true).

I'm all about setting up the pool, running through the sprinkler, and sliding headfirst down the dodgy slip-n-slide I got for $1 at a garage sale.

Sometimes I even let my kids play.

Anyhow, I was reading A Little Tipsy the other day and there was a guest blog that gave instructions to make sponge bombs. HELLO?  Count me in!

Basically these are little bombs of delightful wet fun.  They soak in a ton of water so when you toss it to someone they get soaked! YAY!

So I suggest that you follow THIS link to get directions to make a sponge bomb.  And then have a water fight or play hot potato with your kids.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Music Monday: The Spill Canvas

So this band is from Sioux Falls, SD--where my brother and sister in law live--and they are pretty much amazing.

The bad news: they've "kinda" broken up. Okay, they are on "hiatus."
The good news: Twitter keeps posting rumors that The Spill Canvas might be putting a new album together!  Yay (if it happens!).

My two fave songs from The Spill Canvas are:

All Over You

Our Song (Take note Taylor Swift--this song is sooo much better!)

Rush to ITunes and get two new songs. Right now. I'll wait!

Happy 4th of July!