Friday, March 23, 2012

Date Night {OUT}: Hunger Games

I read the Hunger Game book series a year ago in January and loved it.  When I found out it was being made into a movie I was thrilled (especially when I learned it wasn't a Summit film OR directed by Catherine Hardwicke ...).

The first installment of The Hunger Game movies opened last night and midnight.  Like many moms of young children, I was dead asleep by that time.  But tonight, my husband and I are getting together with four other couples to go see the movie.  Hubs has not read the books but is intrigued by the trailers.

I'm not going in costume.  I'm not eating "Hunger Game" themed foods. I'm simply going to the movies with friends.  Nothing magical about that but sometimes you don't need magic to have fun.

Are you heading to The Hunger Games (or have you already seen it??)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Things I Love: Small Appliances

Yes, yes, yes.  I am susceptible to loving small appliances that I probably don't need but like to have despite the fact that they totally clutter my kitchen cabinets.

Onion choppers and mandolins and 15 different sets of mixing bowls and measuring spoons ... I'm basically a sucker in a kitchen shop.

But, there are three small appliances that have been worth the money, honey!

Kitchen Aide Mixer:
Photo Source

I got one of these babies as a wedding gift and, hands down, I would forsake most items in my kitchen before getting rid of this!  It kneads dough, shred chicken, mixes brownies ...  I pretty much LOVE it!

Cuisinart Food Processor
Photo Source
I just got this for Christmas from my mother-in-law.  She's brilliant!  It's a veggie chopping, hummus making, cheese shredding little miracle.

Magic Bullet
Photo Source
Honestly when I first saw an informercial for one of these I thought it was a gimmick (and not just because it sounds like a sex toy).  I didn't buy one.   BUT last summer at a garage sale I found one cheap and decided to give it a go.  So glad I did.  I'm kinda of a smoothie addict and this sucker blends, pulverizes, and grinds my smoothies to yummy perfection.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I Think About: Men as Children

Refereed to my husband as a baby when he gets a man-cold?  Guilty.

Yes that is right, I've made silly snide comments about how needy my hubby gets when he is sick.  But that is the extent of me comparing my husband to a child.

Honestly, I get super irritated when I hear women compare their men to their children.  How devaluing is that?!?!  Seriously, just because your husband leaves his pants on the bedroom floor, and has to be reminded to make the bed, and has a messy closet does NOT mean your husband is childlike.  In fact, it likely means he has a lot of other "adult" thoughts and stresses on his mind to really care about something petty--like whether the toilet paper roll should go over or under.  (FYI--OVER!)

Now we all know I'm in favor of married couples dating and I've gushed enough that I'm certain you know how much I LOVE The Dating Divas.  However, last week they had a "marriage builder" idea that just left a bad taste in my mouth.

Called "The Sure Wife Chart," the purpose is to "reward" one's husband every time his wife asked him to do a chore and he said "sure" (and then did it).

Photo property of The Dating Divas

In general, I'm not a fan of reward based systems like this anyway but this one left me particularly perplexed.  I do NOT want to treat my husband like a child or feel that I have to use "carrots" to coerce him into helping with chores.

There's a good chance that this is just a sensitive subject with me but I simply would NOT use this chart.  Of course it could be used in a sexy way--like every time he got to the smiley face he'd earn a sexual favor but still, I don't like the message.  I have to manipulate you to help?  No thank you.

What I think is that if my husband used this for me, I'd be hurt and offended.  The Dating Divas have great ideas on strengthening marriages but this is not one of them!

Would you use this with your spouse?

 I love participating in Shell's PYHO on Wednesdays!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Days of Play: Card Math

Is anyone else a little freaked out by how much math kids know at a young age?  Seriously, I'm pretty sure math and subtraction started in first and second grade but my kindergartner is doing math problems like crazy.  At this rate I'll be teaching her about fractions by fonduing next year.  

A bit overwhelming.

As much as possible I like to compliment and support what my girl is doing at school.  Thus, card math.

What you need: A deck of cards with jokers and face cards removed and a large playing space.

To Play:

Spread the cards out all over a table.  Pick one card (for instance, a 7 of hearts).  Now, have your child find other cards whose sum would be seven (a 3 and a 4; a 6 and a 1; a 5 and a 2, etc.).  

With older kids you can modify this by using subtraction, division, multiplication, etc.  For instance, pick a 7 and a 2 and have them be 72.  What numbers multiplied equal 72?  If you can't remember it's okay.  You are a parent.  Kid fog takes away math abilities.  

To modify for younger children, have kids match numbers.  You pick a 2, they find another 2. 

Math can be fun. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Music Monday: Goyte

It doesn't happen very often that I get on to regular radio stations and hear a song I like (or one that is also played on stations I like). The last time this happened it was with Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People.

 Now Goyte has been around for a long time (like since 2000) but his music is just now hitting that mainstream popularity coveted by musicians. I'm pretty happy about it :)

 So Goyte. If you think this is pronounced similarly to Boy-Tea, you are wrong. Goyte is actually prounced Gore-Tee-Yeah. Weird I know but Goyte means "Walter" and since Goyte's nickname (not stage name) is Walter, I guess it all makes sense. It a weird, "only a musician would think of this" kind of way.

 Goyte's voice is really unique and rich--kinda like the Peter Gabriel of 2000!

 Someone that I used to Know (this song is SUPER hot right now!) Heart's A Mess Thanks For Your Time