Saturday, July 10, 2010

Days of Play--Go Fly a Kite


Thank you for the pirate ship rainbow kite, Holly!  You are the best!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Date Night In--I am Fond-Of-You

This is a sweet way to end the week.

Prepare a special week for your sweetie and cap it off with a special dessert.

Every morning, leave your husband a loving note and a treat.

Monday--Chocolate--"My heart melts for you"
Tuesday--Angle cake--"You are my angel"
Wednesday--Marshmallows--"You make my life sweet."
Thursday--Bananas--"I'm bananas for you!"
Friday--Peanut Butter balls--"Being without you makes me nutty."

On Friday evening, get the kids to bed, break out the fondue set, and make a chocolate fondue (Need a recipe?  Click here, or here or here).

Have an assortment of fresh fruit (strawberries, bananas, apples, etc.) marshmallows, peanut butter balls, pretzels, and baked goods (brownies, cheesecake, Oreos, rice krispies squares, angel food cake, etc.)  to dip into the chocolate.

Feed one another but follow the rules so no one gets burned or stabbed. Stab dipper.  Dip.  Remove from stabber.  Pick up and feed to your spouse.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Things I Love--When Celebs do Good Things

Whenever we hear about celebrities, we generally see 'em like this:

Glamorous but slightly irrelevant


Not so glamorous and slightly irrelevant.

Let's face it.  There have been some great celebs (Bob Hope) who have gone out of their way for us "common folk" but from the outside, it appears all that fame and fortune can make celebrities self-righteous, self-important jerks (Paris Hilton).

So when I see something like this, it makes me feel good all over!

That's right. Lenny Kravitz (long the King of Cool in our home) stumbled across a church choir singing his music and joined in.  How awesome is that?

Yay, Lenny!  I love it!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What I Think About--Tennis Shoes

Wednesdays are my most popular days.  Wednesdays are my "free therapy" days where I just pour out what's on my heart and mind.  I'm always humbled by the response I get for just saying what I think--even if it doesn't make any sense a difference.

I just want to take a minute to say thank you.  Thank you for reading my thoughts. Thanks for agreeing with them. Thanks for disagreeing with them.  I know this blog can be all over the map but that's kinda what it's all about.  It's about finding balance between everything I love that makes me the mom, wife, and woman that I am.  You're the best for sticking with me!

Lately my "What I Think About Wednesdays" have been pretty intense.  I mean, I've covered everything from capital punishment and relationships to not being a helicopter mom and our role in world humanitarian efforts.

This week let me share with you a little fashion based pet-peeve.

Tennis shoes.

I have a pair of lavender and white Asics GEL tennis shoes.  I wear them when I do P90X. I wear them when I run.  I DO NOT wear them to the grocery store, on dates, to church, or on girl's night out.

Ladies,  ladies, ladies, tennis shoes are not a fashion statement unless you are going on an athletic outing. (Don't confuse gym-type tennis shoes with uber trendy sneakers.)  I know they are comfy and I'm all for wearing them if you're going to be on your feet all day long at an amusement park or zoo. But if your darling husband is taking you out on the town, ditch the tennis shoes.  

Shoes can make or break an outfit.

I submit to you Exhibit #1.  A super cute outfit but the shoes make it feel incomplete--like the wearer stopped short.

Exhibit #2--See how much more "pulled together" the outfit looks when shoes aren't an afterthought?

Most gals I know won't wear cute shoes because they aren't comfortable.  

It's time for some MYTH BUSTING!

Repeat after me: Cute AND comfortable shoes do exist.

Brands I love when I want something built for comfort and speed: Born, Keen, Chaco, and Dansko.  

Strappy, comfy, AND stylish

Comfort comes in heels and wedges, too.

These shoes are practical enough to chase kids in (all day long) but cute enough to make you look like a hot and trendy mom woman!

What I think is you need to get out of your tennis shoe rut.  

Remember this should be rule of thumb:
If you aren't going to an athletic event, working out, or going to be on your feet--literally--all day long, leave your tennis shoes at home.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Your Words--You know you're a mom when ...

You know you're a mom when:
  • You've used your spit to clean another human's face.
  • You've wiped a runny nose with nothing but your hand.
  • You've excused yourself to "go potty" to a room full of adults.
  • You've discussed color, quantity, and consistency of poop at the dinner table.
  • You've started a diet that required you to not eat left overs off your kids' plates.
  • You've said, "Because I said so!" or "I'll give you something to cry about!"
  • You've caught yourself singing the theme song to Dora the Explorer when no one else was around.
  • You've daydreamed about the days when you used to just work forty hours a week.
  • You've busted a move when someone went tickle in the big potty.
  • Everyone in your house has the stomach flu but you still have to comfort and entertain your husband.
  • You can't see the front of your fridge through all the art work.
  • You can't remember the last time you finished a dessert or treat without sharing some of it.
  • You magically know where dad's keys are (under the couch), where son's pacifier went to (in the soup pot to the right the stove), and where daughter's school bag is (in the dress up bin).

Your turn!
You know you're a mom when ...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

What's Cooking 7/5-7/11

Matt and I have officially started P90X.  More on that later.

Anyhow, I didn't post a menu plan last week because we are trying to adjust to our new high-protein, low carb diet.

This week we'll be eating:

Monday--Chicken marsala and salad
Tuesday--Quinoa stuffed peppers
Wednesday--Grilled pepper steak and coucous with spinach
Thursday--Chicken cacciatore with salad
Friday--Dijon pork loin with wild rice
Saturday--Orange Honey Teriyaki chicken and brown rice
Sunday--Mystery dinner (which means I haven't decided yet!).