Saturday, September 11, 2010

Days of Play--Rorschach Painting

Remember good old Rorschach?  He's the guy who had people look at black and white ink blots and tell him what they see during a phsycological evaluation.

What do you see in this photo?

I'm not going to pretend that I understand this method but I will say that making these painting with your kids is fun.

What you'll need:
  • watercolor paper
  • paints
  • smocks
What to do:
  1. Fold the paper in half.
  2. Paint on one side of the line only.
  3. Fold paper in half again pressing the blank side on top of the painted side to make a mirror image.
  4. Let dry.
  5. Discuss what you see.
  6. Embellish with fine-tip markers if you desire.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Date Night In--Bed Time Stories

Set up a romantic candlelit spot for you and your husband (I suggest outdoors under the stars but if you aren't game for that, how about a comfy bed on the living room floor?).

Now each of you pick two-three things to read to your spouse.  This could be anything from romantic poems, book excerpts, children's stories (I love the You are Mine series from Max Lucado) to silly anecdotes in Reader's Digest.

Read to one another by candle light.

Discuss what you read--what is appealing? Why did you choose the book/poem/excerpt you chose?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things I Love--Twilight Saga Soundtracks

I heart all three of the Twilight Saga Soundtracks (and I don't even care if you make fun of me about it).

The Twilight soundtrack is really dark and moody and mysterious.  I can't get enough of Muse, Linkin Park, and Iron and Wine. Rob Pattinson even sings a couple of songs (and all I can say is that I think he is a better musician than actor).

The New Moon Soundtrack is a bit more up beat and adds in a folky-twist that is auditorily stimulating.  I knew I'd like New Moon soundtrack when I found out Death Cab for Cutie and The Killers were on there.  They didn't disappoint!  And I love the Sea Wolf's and Hurricane Bells' songs too.

To be honest, when the song list of Eclipse was announced I wasn't exactly impressed (except for The Dead Weather--Jack White from White Stripes?  Yes please!).  A quick listen on ITunes didn't really sell me either.  But, I took a leap and bought the soundtrack and while it isn't my favorite of the three, it's still pretty dang good.  I'm all over the Black Keys song and Sia is one of our new "sexy time" songs (too much information?  Sorry).

I know what you are thinking.  She likes Twilight stuff so obviously she likes the music but it's more than that.  Even Matt likes these soundtracks (and he'd rather scrub toilets with his own toothbrush than have anything to do with the books/movies).  Yep, they are that good.

Are you glad I just lay this random stuff out for you?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What I Think About--Walking the Walk

I'm linking up with Shell and Pour Your Heart Out again. Thanks for hosting, Shell!

Have you heard this verse before?

"but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint" (Isaiah 40:31).

I once learned that in Hebrew poetry, the last statement was generally the most important, the most relevant, the most consistent, the most powerful.   

Isn't that true here?

I mean some days I feel like I am soaring.
Some days I feel like I can run without tiring.
But most days I feel like a success if I just persevere through the day.

Do you ever feel like this?

It makes me feel kind of guilty--like where is my joy in the Lord?

You have to watch the following clip because I think it obliterates the lies of this world about success and pride all the while sharing in a tremendously relevant way, why The Walking is the most important part of our lives.

Did you get a bit teary-eyed?

I love sports films--Rudy, Sea Biscuit, Hoosiers, Invincible--because they are so inspirational.  And this clip is no exception.

I watched it and thought--this is what a relationship with God is like.  This is it!

The runner wasn't guaranteed worldly success (a gold medal) because he had a father--and neither are we.

The runner didn't avoid pain because he had a father--and neither will we.

Even in his father's presence, there was pain, agony, shame, despair, disappointment, brokenness, and humility--and so there will be for us as well.

On the bright side, the runner's father was there.  He was watching.  They couldn't keep him away in his son's time of need.  Just like God.

The father would have loved his son if he quit.  And God will love us if we quit, too.

The father walked with the son when the son wouldn't quit.  And God will walk with us, too.

The runner didn't get traditional worldly glory.
There was no gold waiting at the finish line.
There would be no Nike commercials featuring his face.
Though he finished to a standing ovation, the only thing that really waited for him was a stretcher, a time of painful healing, and a lifetime of "what ifs." 

Now, however, who can remember the name of the gold medalist?  Was God not given more glory by persistently finishing the race in pain than winning a medal?

Sometimes we are under the perception that a relationship with God makes life easy.  That with Him there is wealth, health, and happiness. 

But look at this truth. Sometimes we will soar. Sometimes we will run without tiring.  Most of the time we will walk.

We will walk through pain.
We will walk through brokeness.
We will walk through lonliness.
We will walk through shame.
We will walk through guilt.
We will walk through blame.
We will walk through feelings of inadequacies.
We will walk through anger.
We will walk through doubt.

In the end it isn't about whether the race was short or long, easy or difficult.  It's about whether we finish.  And it doesn't matter if we finish soaring, running, walking, or carried in the arms of Our Father.  It matters that we finish.

And that's what I think about Walking the Walk.

Monday, September 6, 2010

My Outfit--Comfy Cardie Day

I've already confessed that I'm jonesin' for fall.  Lucky for me our state had a few days of chilly fall weather complete with cloudy skies, fog, and frost warnings.

To celebrate, I broke out my comfy clothes!  I'm so ready for fall!

FYI--I generally look this direction because my little people are nearly always standing by the patio door acting silly and hoping to get a mom smile out of me (which is pretty easy to do).

My fave destroyed jeans and black ballet shoes.  How great are these hickory floors?!?!

I'm a big fan of ruffles, flowers, and other dramatic shirt details.

So in this photo Paxton threw his bowl of mac-n-cheese onto the floor.  And I'm still smiling.

Get my super-simple look!

Your Words--Baby Story

And now for the baby story.

Madisen was born nearly a week late.  I labored for thirteen hours.  I was going to have her naturally (no medical interventions, with a midwife).  Serious complications led to an emergency C-Section (we're talking she was out in like two minutes).  I felt like a "loser" since she wasn't delivered "naturally."

I did not heal well with Madisen and have a weak spot in my uterus that ruled out a V-Bac so Paxton came by C-Section as well.  We got to pick his delivery date.  Everything went smoother the second time.  The biggest thrill with both pregnancies was hearing "It's a _____" since we didn't find out the gender ahead of time.
Baby's Paxton's newbie feet!

What is your baby story?  Did everything go smoothly?  Did you deliver at home?  Did you make the anesthesiologist give you the epidural in the parking lot?  Did you do it all natural?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What's Cookin'--9/6-9/12

As you read this I am at family camp with my lovely family.  We are probably enjoying the beautiful mountains, going through a ropes course, rock climbing, or playing in the pool.  When we get back, here's what we'll be dining on.

Monday:  Honey Lime chicken and rice
Tuesday: Sirloin steaks in red wine sauce with sweet potatoes
Wednesday: Garlic chicken couscous salads
Thursday: Asian flank steak stir fry
Friday: Pesto Pasta and salad
Saturday: grilled steaks and baked potatoes
Sunday: breakfast for dinner