Monday, February 1, 2010

10 Tips to Better Pictures of Your Children

Please welcome our first guest blogger!  Jamie from Mommy's Camera is a pediatric nurse, a Heritage Makers consultant, and a mom.  For more tips and information on taking better photos with point-and-click cameras, please check out her blog!
Without further ado ...
10 Tips Anyone Can Use To Take Better Pictures of Your Children

Think you have to have a fancy DSLR camera to take great pictures of your children?  Think again.  With these 10 tips, anyone, even your average mom with a point-and-shoot camera, can take great pictures of their kids.  

1)  Have fun and keep it natural.  The less you tell your children to stop, pose, and say “cheese” the better pictures you’ll get.  Have fun while taking pictures, laugh, let your children do their own thing, and their personality will shine in the pictures you take.

2)  Snap, snap, snap!  The great thing about digital cameras is that you don’t have to worry about wasting film.  Simply click away and delete the pictures that don’t work.  With children, you’ll end up taking ten pictures before you get one good one.  Along that same line, if your camera has a continuous shooting mode, try that.  Some of the best pictures I’ve snapped of my girls have been in the middle of the continuous shooting mode.

3)  Get down at your child’s level.  Too often we look down on our children to take pictures.  Getting down at your child’s level creates a more natural angle for pictures.

4)  Be quick, be ready, and anticipate movement.  Children move, and they move quick.  If your child is walking toward you, back up and anticipate the fact that by the time you snap the picture, your child will already be a few (or more than a few) steps closer to you.  If your child is running, aim your camera just slightly in front of your child.  By the time you snap the picture, your child will be in the frame.  You could also try continuous shooting mode for anticipating movement too.  If your pictures look blurry due to too much movement, try changing your camera to action mode.

5)   Zoom in.  On of the biggest mistakes people make with photographs is taking them too far away.  Zoom in and watch your photos pop!

6)  Turn off your flash.  Flashes create a very un-natural, harsh light.  When ever possible, take pictures in a place bright enough to avoid using your flash.

7)  Try a different angle.  Straight on shots can be good but adding a bit of an angle or taking the picture from a different perspective can add some interest to your photo.

8)  Watch the lighting.  Contrary to popular belief, bright, sunny days are not the best for outdoor photos.  Too much sun can cast harsh shadows in your picture.  Cloudy days will give you more even lighting for photos.  If you must take pictures on a sunny day, you just might want to turn your flash on!  Believe it or not, your flash can help fill in those dark shadows caused by the sun.  Just be careful not to overexpose your photo by using your flash.

9)  Add some color.  Gone are the days of solid, neutral tones for photos.  Adding color and patterns can make a more fun, interesting photo.  Make sure however, not to overwhelm your child with color and an overly busy pattern.  You want the color and pattern to complement your child, not take over the picture.

10)  Take your camera everywhere.  You never know when the perfect photo opportunity might pop up!


Thank you, Jamie, for the awesome insight.  If you have questions or comments, please check Jamie's blog or e-mail her at


  1. Thanks for having me do a guest blog post. It was a lot of fun!

  2. Thank you Jamie. I super appreciate the tips. Make sure to let your fans know you did this :)

  3. Take my camera everywhere and just keep snapping! Those are things you don't need to tell me twice!


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