Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Fashion: For the Fellas

I know some folks have partners who aren't into fashion.

That is NOT my partner.  In fact, Matt happens to be a better dresser than I am AND he buys me amazing clothes and accessories.  I love that my husband has such great taste (especially when it comes to choosing a life partner ....).

Anyhow, here are some fashion trends for the fellas.  Seriously, most of these make me think:


Layers for work:






Pattern Mixing


Source: via Reagan on Pinterest

Hats and Vests

Skinny Ties

RayBans (and scruff!)

If my husband wore this, I'd cry.  A lot.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Things I Love: Closed Roads

I woke up this morning to closed roads.

Shoot.  Now I can't commute to work and school.

Darn it.  Now I have to go to a play date at the mall.

And while I'm there I'm going to be forced into buying this cute little sweater dress (for $12).  I might even twist my arm and go to the fabric store so I can re-cover some throw pillows.

Of course on days like this someone is bound to make me drink hot cocoa and to read a book.  Oh, and I'm guessing I'll have to play with my son and read "Wolf's Coming" for the 9,825 time since yesterday.

Darn those closed roads ...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I Think About: 10 Foods Kids Need

Top 10 Healthy Foods for Growing Kids

The best way to get kids to eat healthy foods is to serve them a healthy diet from birth. Although it may seem difficult to come up with healthy foods that kids will like, here is a list of ten foods that most kids enjoy. These foods are high in fibre, low in saturated fats, and contain lots of vitamins and minerals that will help them to grow up strong and healthy.

 1. Milk – From birth, babies and toddlers love milk. But as they get older, many kids drink less milk in favour of sugary soda or juice. But milk is a healthy source of calcium, vitamin D, and protein that helps them build strong bones. Unless they have a milk allergy, kids should have at least 2 glasses of milk a day – for example, one with cereal and another to complement their lunch or dinner.

 2. Apples – Apples are a great healthy snack, full of vitamin C and fibre. Kids love them because they are juicy and sweet, yet they are low in calories. However, don’t be tempted to replace a whole apple with applesauce or apple juice, as these can contain more sugar and less fibre.

 3. Peanut Butter – Peanut butter is a good source of protein that can go in a sandwich or serve as a dip for apples or celery. Although it is high in fat, the fat found in peanut butter is unsaturated, which isn’t as bad as the saturated fats found in many processed foods. You can also purchase peanut butter with reduced fat or added vitamins.

 4. Yogurt – Along with milk, yogurt is another healthy dairy product that kids love. Avoid yogurts targeted at kids, because these often contain extra sugar. Instead, choose low-fat yogurt with “love active cultures” to help your children’s digestive systems.

 5. Tuna Fish – Tuna fish is a good source of vitamins, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids, which help brain development. Although some parents may be concerned about mercury contamination, tuna fish is fine to eat in moderation – perhaps once or twice a week.

 6. Cereal – Breakfast cereals can provide your children with many vitamins and minerals to start the day. Instead of sugary cereals, choose cereals that are made with whole grains. You can even add some chopped fruit to your child’s cereal for extra nutrition.

 7. Eggs – Eggs are another healthy breakfast choice. They contain lots of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Although they do contain cholesterol, they are not high in saturated fat, which is the main factor that raises cholesterol levels. Eating eggs every other day is a healthy choice.

 8. Carrots – It’s hard to get kids to eat vegetables when they’re young, but many kids like carrots because of the fun colour and sweet taste. They are also high in fibre, vitamins A and C, and potassium.

9. Oatmeal – Oatmeal is a good breakfast food and a healthy snack ingredient. It’s best to have traditional oatmeal rather than the quick-cook kind with added sugar, as it contains more fibre. You can always add honey, peanut butter, or fruit to a bowl of oatmeal. Oatmeal can also be used to make healthy cookies or snack bars.

 10. Sunflower Seeds – When kids are old enough to eat seeds without choking, sunflower seeds are a healthy snack for them to enjoy. They are high in fibre and contain lots of iron, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin E.

What I Think is that our children deserve the best foods we can offer.  Help them eat healthy by offering wise snack options.

This article was written by Erin McKinney, who is a licensed nurse practitioner. Erin also owns the site Masters of Nursing for students interested in getting an advanced degree in the nursing field.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Days of Play: More or Less

Number recognition is important for kids in preschool and elementary school.  This game helps children identify numbers AND determine if a number is "more" or "less".

All you need to play is a deck of cards with face cards removed.

Deal the cards so each person has the same amount.  Now, count to three and flip the cards over.  Have your child tell you what cards are faced up (a 6 and a 2, for example).  Once your child has identified the numbers, ask which is more (a 6) and which is less (a 2).

If you want this to be a competition, decide that whoever has the "more" card takes the pile.  At the end, count who has the most cards and that person "wins."

To make this easier for younger children:

  • count together
  • play red/black to help them identify colors
To make this harder for older children:
  • Have children add the cards together 
  • Have children subtract the cards
  • Have children multiply/divide the cards
  • Have children turn cards into fractions (add a 1 over the card so 2 becomes 1/2 and 8 becomes 1/8).  Then determine which card is more/less.
Whatever you do, have fun.  So many kids have math anxiety; this is a great way to encourage a love of math!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Music Monday: The Naked and Famous

Clearly this post has nothing to do with me.  Seriously, being naked and famous are two states of being to which I never aspire.  If I could shower fully clothed without being deemed worthy of a straight jacket, I totally would.

The Naked and Famous (again, not me) are an indie band from New Zealand.  Complete side note, my husband would love to move to New Zealand because of the lack of snakes.  He's so afraid of snakes he'd move to another country.  Actually, he's so afraid of snakes that if he was out watering trees at his parents house with his girlfriend of a year and a bull snake came slithering along, he'd throw said girlfriend toward the snake and take off running and screaming into the house.  But that's a whole different story. And I still married him :)

Off topic . . .  again.

The Naked and Famous--what can I say?  Great music!  Listen.  Love.  Buy!

Young Blood (Super popular right now!)

Punching In a Dream

 Girls Like You (my fave!)

If you are a Naked and Famous fan and you live in Colorado then you should know that The Naked and Famous will be performing in Denver. If you buy me a ticket I'll be your concert friend. I'll even let you buy me a concert T.