Friday, March 9, 2012

Fashion Friday: Ankle Pants

Spring is just around the corner.  At least, that's what I hear.  In Wyoming Spring doesn't officially start until mid-June.

But for the rest of you, spring is right around the corner.  I'd be jealous but I live in Wyoming.  Rolling prairies, the Tetons.  The Wind Rivers.  The Big Horns.  Open spaces, hot springs, abundant wild life.  I'll take that over your dreamy weather any day!  Well, except maybe on those really windy days when my car gets 3 MPG on my commute.

Anyhow, ankle pants are making a huge splash this spring and I'm pretty excited about it.  I got a cute pair of black ankle pants from Gap.  Love them!  Now, if you don't want to buy this new staple, consider hemming a pair of pants or rolling a pair of skinnies.  Either way, you'll be super trendy, comfy, and cute.

Black ankles with wedges and cardie for work
Source: via Reagan on Pinterest

Fun pattern ankles with flats for fun
Source: via Jana on Pinterest

Colored ankle pants with socks and boots
Source: via Meg on Pinterest

Make ankle pants by rolling skinnies!
Ankle pants--you love?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Things I Love: March Abness!

During February I kept seeing this "Fab Ab February" workout plan everywhere.

So I did something crazy.  I did it.  I addition to my regular workout schedule, I added extra planks, sit ups, and push ups.  It was amazing.  I loved it.

Lucky for me the creator of this awesomeness made another one for March.  Hello side planks, crunches, and pushups.

The crazy thing is how "slow" it starts.  I mean 14 crunches after rocking 100 sit ups?  Not even a challenge.  So I took it a bit further.  I don't start counting until I start feeling the burn (which means I'm doing more like 70 crunches) but still, I love this!

Won't you join me?

Please note, I did NOT create this plan/calendar.  I take NO credit and claim no copyright.  I found this on Tone and Fit.  I do, however, take all credit for finishing it :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I Think About: Knowing When to be DONE (advice ladies!)

A funny thing happens to people who have same sex children.  A couple of friends, for example, have two daughters and people always ask, "are you going to try for a boy?"  I'm sure this happens with people who have boys too.

In fact, one of things I love about one of my fave bloggers--Shell at Things I Can't Say--is that she states "Mom to three boys.  Not trying for a girl."  Do you hear that?  She has 3 boys and calls that a family? Sheesh.  What's wrong with her? ;)

For me, I have a boy and a girl so no one asks me this question.  People just assume this is the "ideal" family make up so why screw it up now? Right?

Families look so different. Some people are happy with one.  Some people want 19.  My thought is, how do you know when you are done?

When I was young{er} I had this grand vision of 4-5 children.  I'm a teacher; I love kids.  But then I had a hideous pregnancy followed by a traumatic c-section and all of a sudden that 4-5 went to three.  MAX.  Trust me, being sawed in half three times is my limit.

Then baby #2 (the often-coveted son ... remind me why this is so?) came along after a delightful pregnancy where I was all but prescribed a diet of whole-fat ice cream but another c-section.  Suddenly that magical 3 number seemed all wrong.

Holding this baby in my arms I just felt like I was finished.  Our family felt complete.

My son will be 3 in May and I still do not have a desire for another baby.  4 of my closest friends all had/got newborns this past fall/winter and while I loved holding and snuggling those little treasures, I am all too happy to give them back to their moms.  Just last Friday night I watched one of those babies, 7 week old baby girl H.  I swaddled and rocked and cuddled and fed.  And I looked at my husband and stated, "if this was it--if this holding and kissing was it--I'd have another in a heart beat!"

But the truth is that holding and cuddling isn't it.  Having a baby is hard work.  Babies change everything.  You need more gear, a bigger car, and more stamina to work full time with your other kids while running on something like 45 minutes of sleep.  Being a mom is tough.

I don't want to sound selfish but I just feel done.  I feel done with not sleeping through the night.  I feel done with sore breasts and smelling like spit up.  I feel done with putting my budding career on the back burner.  I feel done with diapers and spilled sippy cups and 3 am pacifier hunting.

Don't get me wrong, I love and adore my children.  One smile from them makes everything worth it but in the end, I'm not sure another child is best for our family.

So I'm on the birth control pill--again--which I promised my mother I'd never do.  I just don't know what else to do.  I don't want to count days (I'm not good at math so I know that method will get me child #3).  Matt and I have contemplated permanent fixes but those just don't feel right either.  I'm mean, we are 99.9% certain we are done but that .1% keeps us from taking drastic steps.

I'm so confused.  I feel done.  I feel like our family is just right for us.  But I'm not ready to take any drastic steps so every month as the arrival of Aunt Flo nears I have these panic attacks of "what if."  I don't want to feel that way.

What I think is that I'm done having children but I'm confused how done I am.  I'd love your advice!

Are you done?  How did you know? I love participating in Shell's PYHO on Wednesdays!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Days of Play: Show me the money!

Learning about money is inevitable so you might as well start now.

Go on a coin hunt and find change from around the house.  Look in pockets, couch cushions, etc.  Give a high five to the person who finds a coin in the most random place.

Now, have your children sort the coins based on how they look (color and size).   Create a chart and make down how many of each coin you have.

Give your child a piece of paper and let him/her draw what the coins look like.

Tell your child what the coins names are and how much they are worth.

Now, put the coins in a bank :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Music Monday: Walk The Moon

For my birthday Matt got me tickets to the sold out Young the Giant show in Denver.  I nearly died.  But I didn't which is good because it'd be a real shame to die BEFORE seeing one of your current band obsessions live ... right?

One more total side note--Cough Syrup by Young the Giant was featured on Glee (Blain was singing it while Krofsky attempted suicide).  So happy to hear that song and SO happy with that episode.  I continue to love Glee.

I was going somewhere with this.  Where?

Um ... oh ya, the concert.  Okay, so this cool indie-rock band opened for Young the Giant.  The band was called Walk the Moon.  They were so freaking amazing.  I've never expected so much awesomeness from Ohio (because let's face it, Glee--although based in Ohio--isn't actually about Ohio).  Walk the Moon did not disappoint.  Having a great opening band before the band you actually paid to see is sort of a bonus.

Anyhow, here is Anna Sun--a song symbolizing youth.  Crazy random video. It makes me happy.

Lisa Baby (this one was my fave live one!)