Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What I think about--Turning 31

Yesterday was the big 3-1 for me.

Since I was 29 my husband has been a bit skittish about my aging BUT since I've teased him relentlessly about that fact, he really backed off this year (that or he's in denial).  For some reason turning 30 didn't bother me.  Would turning 31?

I needed to soak in the whole day before I could decide what I really think about being 31.  But here are my thoughts.

Our culture devalues the good things that come with aging: wisdom, joy, and family. I really don't want to be one of those people who gets all upset because I'm getting crow's feet (I'm not, by the way.  See my previous post on Mary Kay) or because my boobs aren't as perky now as they were ten years ago.  I really want to be a woman who confidently recognizes it isn't what I am that matters; it's WHOSE I am.

When I think of the type of woman I want my daughter to grow to be or my son to marry, I envision Godly women who care more about WHOSE they are than what they look like.  If I want this to be the woman my daughter becomes, I must model it for her.  Now.

So this 31st year of my life, I plan to take hold of the fact that I am the child of a King, and the King is delighted by my beauty!  The world can keep their fascination with always looking 20; I'm determined to being fascinated by my God!

Here is how I looked in second grade.   I'm the one in the white turtle neck with the feathered do.  Awesome.  Side note, doesn't that flowered wall thing look like it's growing out of my sister's head?

Here's how I look most recently (The truth really has to come out.  I can't find my USB cord so even though there are more recent photos of me, I can't get them off the camera):

Survey says .... better at 31.

What I loved about my 30th year:
  • My Super Bowl birthday party.  Wait.  I didn’t love that.  I’m pretty sure Spy School was Matt’s  was of making up for my “Homer” party last year.
  • My mom lived 1 year past what docs at the Mayo Clinic expected (and in March it will be 2 years past!).
  • Giving birth to my delightful and peaceful son, Paxton.
  • Going to Texas to see my husband’s family, a wedding, and Sea World. 
  • Watching M.E.’s fascination at flying in a plane for the first time.
  • Celebrating Dee’s 80th Birthday.
  • Welcoming Jori Gracyn into my sister’s family.
  • Celebrating my parent’s 40th anniversary.
  • Building and moving into our new home.
  • Celebrating Drew’s first birthday.
  • Continuing my quest for my Ed. D.
  • Going to the cabin in Spearfish.
  • Taking M.E. to see a live, mostly-wild bear for the first time.
  • Snowshoeing, sledding, and digging in the snow.
  • Spending Thanksgiving with almost all of the Kaufmans.
  • Organizing my sister’s new kitchen.
  • Playing dress-up for hours with Meems.
  • Quiet alone time feeding Paxton.
  • My 7th wedding anniversary.
  • Hearing Pax say “ma ma.”

    I realize as I write this that the list could go on and on.  The truth is, even the trouble I encountered this past year is not enough to cover the joy I experienced. The longer I live, the more wondrous His works are.  Praise Jesus for another year of life--may I use it to glorify Him!


    1. Sounds like a wonderful year!

      In all truthiness(as Steven Colbert would say)I actually love getting older each year b/c one of my life goals is to be a cute little old Grandma who bakes cookies daily for her grandkids. :) Although, since I am crazy young, I might change my mind when I turn 40. :)

    2. I hope you don't. I've enjoyed aging. Let's make a pact to both be cute old ladies (though I'll probably let you make cookies for my grandkids in exchange for taking your grandkids rock climbing!)


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