Sunday, January 31, 2010

Days of Play: Fast Food

My 4 year old loves to play fast food!

You might consider rounding up:
tray or cookie sheet
tupperware and plastic silverware
pretend food
laundry baskets

Set up an ordering booth (think drive thru at McDonlad's) from a couple of laundry baskets.  "Drive" through (this looks like crawling for me) and order silly foods: peanut butter and cheesey mustard sandwich with sugar fries and a grass milkshake.  This is really all there is to it.  M.E. can play this for hours (it loses it's fun factor much faster for me!).

For younger children
Let them explore the tupperware etc.  Show them the pretend food and describe the color, texture, where it comes from.  Push them around IN the laundry basket.

For older children
Help them make a menu of food items they can make (cereal, PBJs) and order your lunch from them.


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  2. FYI--I deleted the previous post because it was a spam ad for us to go buy food baskets.


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