Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Fashion: Color Trend Alert!

As I plunk away at my Mac keys my town is under a winter storm watch.  Brrrr.  As such, I've decided to do something entirely optimistic on my part ...  Think about Spring.

Spring (n.)--God's way of reminding us He makes all things new.  

Honestly, I prefer Fall and Winter {gasp} but Spring is just so positively ... springy.  One can't help but look forward to new shoots of green grass reaching upwards to the sun and robins announcing sunrise from the tree branches.  New beginnings--it's like a breath of fresh air after leaving a smoke shop.

Enough of the poetics (I know I had you at "smoke shop").

All this "it's almost spring" thinking inspired me to share this spring's color trend alert.  Are you ready for this?

It's sea foam green and coral!  (does this remind anyone else of 1990?  Oh good.)

Coral is bold without being garish.  Sea foam is pretty and pastel without being preschool.  Worn separately with neutrals, this is a surprise splash of color.  Worn together, it's a little bit of heaven.

Source: via Reagan on Pinterest
Source: via Reagan on Pinterest
Source: via Reagan on Pinterest

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things I Love: A Long, Hot Shower

I am not one of those gals who showers first thing in the morning.

I save my shower for the end of the day.

I practically scald my body with water as hot as I can stand.

And I stand there.  Sometimes for five minutes; sometimes for thirty.

I let the water finger through my hair and un-knot my back.  I let my mind wander--in prayer--in praise--in imaginative talk and dreaming.

This is my me time.

This is where I do my best thinking.

When the steam fills up the bathroom and the scent of milk and almond body scrub permeates my nostrils, my soul is restored.

I'm a long, hot shower girl.

What's your guilty pleasure?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I Think About: "That's So Gay"

When I taught, my classroom was filled with middle school aged children.  For some people, that raises the hair on your neck and you just audibly gagged and now you are thinking about nominating me for sainthood.  I know middle school kids aren't for everyone but I LOVE that age group.  I think it has something to do with me being incredibly awkward; I tend to fit right in.

One thing I can't stand about this group is the name-calling.  I know little kids call names.  I mean, just the other day my son called me, "Poo poo butt."  Ouch.  In middle school (and sadly, a bit younger) the names are getting meaner.  Bitch.  Slut.  Dyke.  Lesbo.

Now I'm sure all of us would give our kids a good talking to if they said one of those words.  But how many parents do you see challenging their kids not to say, "that's so gay!"?  Not many.  Right now, "gay" and "that's so gay" are terms used synonymously with "lame" and "stupid."  Regardless of what the term is a stand in for, it is a heterosexist slur--on par with calling women "bitches," the differently abled "retarded," and African Americans "the N word".

Is this harmless?  No!  According to GLSEN school atmospheres are filled with anti-gay harassment and 90% of students hear "gay" used in a derogatory manner.  So even though gay is NOT a synonym for stupid, lame, awful, ugly ... the word is used.  What then is a student who is gay supposed to think?  That s/he is stupid, awful, lame, or ugly? (Want more?  Read this article.)

"That's so gay" might sound harmless but for the student who is a sexual minority (or has a family member or friend who is) it is a hurtful phrase.  Sure it sounds "nicer" that dyke, fag, lesbo, and homo but the fact remains--you are calling a minority group stupid.  It's time to stop.

What I think is that the common phrase "that's so gay" is NOT okay.  Whenever I hear "that's so gay" I think, "that's so kid whose parents didn't love him/her enough to teach him/her to be respectful."

 I love participating in Shell's PYHO on Wednesdays!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Days of Play: Since it's Valentine's Day ...

You might as well go ALL out to let your kids know how much they are loved.

Now I'm posting this a bit too late for a "whole day" event but maybe you could plan this for dinner (who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?) or an after school snack.

First, cut out little paper hearts and write silly sayings/compliments on them.   Have your children go on a "heart hunt" and collect them all.  Read them together; share special stories about how unique and wonderful your kids are!

Photo from Our Best Bites

Next, sit down and share a meal.  This could be breakfast.  It could be dinner.  Either way, it will be delicious!

Serve heart-shaped pancakes with strawberry syrup.  Make scrambled eggs (you could just do whites, add a drop of red food coloring and make pink(ish) eggs.  Add food coloring to make pink milk.  Or whip up some smoothies.

Photo from Our Best Bites

Finally, give your children a small gift--bonus points if you make the gift AND it encourages family togetherness!

Pinterest has a million ideas.  My faves:

Monday, February 13, 2012

Music Monday:

Chiptune.  Ever heard of it? Basically it's music based off of old video game soundcards.  Neat-o, huh?

What do you get when you mix a little rock-n-roll with chiptunes?  I Fight Dragons.

The Dragons are composed of 5 guys from Chicago with enough snark to make you smile and tunes catchy enough to start you car dancing.  Oh, and their website totally looks like an arcade game.  (If you want to see what I mean, click that link).

Anyhow, I Fight Dragons (come on--you have to admit that names makes you feel kick a$$!) plays on my fave radio station and I kinda can't get enough of them.  Take a listen.

First up, The Geeks Will Inherit the Earth (I have some anecdotal evidence that proves this title is pretty much TRUE.

Next, The Faster The Treadmill

Finally, KABOOM!

So, are you sold on Chiptunes?  You gotta admit, it's awesomely unique!