Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's a Clorox Anywhere Day

I got up at 6:06 this morning, made my cup of tea, grabbed my UW Snuggli (nope, no shame!) and settled down to do my Bible study.  By the way, you should know that my church issued a 90-Day Breaking Free challenge and the challenge I took was to read the Bible in 90 Days!  My personal trainer Rauch "The Breath" Yahweh is infusing me with His Vision.

Anyhow, at 6:12 Baby Pax woke up screaming.  He's sick.  Of course I didn't get to him before the Divine Miss M woke up.  So by 6:15 I had two children up and wanting to eat.  Normally my kids sleep until at least 7:00 so this was a bit of a bummer.

Below is a photo of the kids strategizing a way to spice up Ground Hog Day.

By 6:30 I'd made M.E. cheesy eggs and Pax had breast milky and peaches with oats.  Matt was up and offered to help but by this time, my vision of a quiet morning and 16 chapters of the Bible had slowly drifted away.

On the upside, I got time on my own to prepare for the day.  After brushing my teeth (4 zones, 30 seconds a zone), I examined my face closely.  I don't look a year older!  To celebrate I put on my favorite graphic T-shirt and the jeans my husband thinks makes my butt look high and perky.

I hate jean shopping.  I love my AE boyfriend jeans!

By now it was 7:30.  M.E. was continuing her breakfast.  She's a Euorpean eater and can't possibly finish a meal in under an hour and a half.  I ate and then somehow, I started seeing GERMIES.

Now I know most of you can't see them, but I can (as a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure my sister can see them too.  I'll ponder another day if this is genetic).  Germies fly out of mouths and noses and stick to everything in sight.  When my kids are sick I'm convinced I'm breathing in green germie goo.  Now don't be jealous because germies only show themselves to me.  In fact, don't even be bothered by the fact that the voices only talk to me. But trust me on this, I am in a battle against germies.

Luckily, Clorox created this fantastic stuff called Clorox Anywhere .  It is basically watered down bleach that you can spray on hard surfaces, let dry (or wipe, your call), and move on.  Take that germies!

Matt took M.E. to school for me and I should have been resting and doing my Bible study. Instead I waged war on the green goo germies and cleaned every hard surface in my house (and vacuumed up the dead germie bodies. Did I do my Too Clean routine of spraying my carpet with fabric softener? You know it!).

With the germies if full-on retreat, I finally sat down to read my chapters.  I came to Genesis 17:17 which states,  "Abraham fell face down; he laughed."  This is what he did right after God told him he would become a father at 100 years old.  He was laughing because he doubted God.  But God was earnest.  He would keep his covenant with Abraham.  

This morning, perhaps I laughed and doubted God.  Is this the kind of morning He'd give me on my birthday?  Is this as good as it gets? 

As I type this, my house smells lightly like bleach and lavender.  It might not be exactly how I'd envisioned starting my birthday but it's the little things that remind me how much I love life.

  • Like M.E. saying she had to get up to be with me on my birthday.
  • Like my parents and nephews and niece calling to sing to me.
  • Like Matt insisting I give him a biscuit squeeze before he went to work.
  • Like being germie free (until Pax wakes up and Meems comes home and the germies wage war on the second front).
  • Like remembering my sister once had a mullet. Sorry, SD.
By the way, she is the tall one and it was a fancy permed mullet.

May the lingering aroma be my reminder of the covenant He made with me.  He makes all things work together for my good (Romans 8:28).

Even on Clorox Anywhere days.


  1. LOVE Clorox Anywhere. One of the top 10 inventions of all time. I use it so much the bottle never gets put away. I hope the rest of your birthday goes a little more smoothly.

  2. Thanks Rachael. Already better. Amazing what a bible and some clorox can do to brighten your day.

    FYI--Paxton woke up and immediately started oozing germies. What are the rules on dousing children in Clorox Anywhere. I know it says "hard surface" but how hard are we talking???

  3. Ahh, thank you SOOO much for posting that picture and reconfirming the fact that I am way hotter now then I was back then.

  4. SD--

    The bad news is that I've posted it twice in 2 days. Apparently sick baby and stay at home crazies have taken over my brain.

    You are so hot right now.

    Plus if anyone besides Beth Moore can pull off a curly mullet, it's you!

  5. I think my only saving grace right now is the fact that I have porn star boobs from breastfeeding that is taking away from the muffin top that has become my stomach after popping out four kids.


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