Friday, February 5, 2010

Days of Play: tea party

Break out silly shirts, hats, ties, and socks and enjoy a tea party together.

This is an old photo of the Divine Miss M but it is one of my favorite tea party outfits!

You'll need:
clothes to dress up in--boys might like dad's shirts or ties, girls will love your old necklaces
tea set if you have it--if not, pitcher and cups
snack cookies (nilla wafers, Oreos, etc).

Make your kiddos a special drink (kool-aid, ice tea, soda if you drink it) and serve it to them at a tea party.  Show them how to talk with an accent or how to hold their pinkies up.

For Younger Kids
Play dress up and drink milk. Invite teddy.

For Older Kids
Let your children set up the tea party and serve you.  Music and dancing might be warranted.

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