Saturday, October 2, 2010

Days of Play--Make a Wreath

Obsessed with Fall much?  I know I am.

So when I saw this wreath:
Photo from My Stay-at-home Mama Drama
and then this wreath:

Photo from The Hillside Home
I just had to try my hand at wreath making (kids in tow, of course).

I followed the steps laid out for me by Ashley at the Hillside Home and wa-la: A Where is the ME in Mommy? Fall wreath (for under $15)!

Might I suggest an outing to a craft supply store near you to buy some wreath making supplies?

Don't want your kids' help with this one?  Get them a mini-sytofoam wreath for them to stuff leaves, berries, and flowers into while you create your front door masterpiece!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Frugal Fashion Friday--Old Navy Fall Lovelies

Okay, I love Old Navy.

We know this.

If I had unlimited funds, here's everything I'd buy from their fall line-up.

A chambray (read: denim) dress with wide belt, bold metal jewelry, and mid-calf boots.

This gray shirt is a must have for me!

Sweater dress (that could be worn over skinny jeans) and loafer.  How preppy is that?!?!
Thank you, Old Navy, for continuing to tempt me beyond my pocket book. A girl can dream though, can't she ...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

What I Think About--Being a Floundering SAHM

This week's What I Think About feature has been kidnapped by Tina at The Floundering SAHM.  Go there.  Read.  Leave comments in lieu of ransom.  

We'll return to our regularly scheduled "What I Think Abouts" next Wednesday!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

{FALL} Things I Love: Fall Movies

WAIT?!?!  The Things I Love feature is normally on Thursday--hang in there.  It'll all make sense tomorrow!

Continuing on my love of all things fall, I must share my love of fall movies.

I've confessed before that I have reverse SAD and that when cool foggy days roll in I love to get busy and organize or clean or bake.

But on some fall days (especially if I am ironing) I love to indulge in my favorite fall movies.  *Disclaimer* I confess that I have the movie tastes of your average thirteen year old girl.

I'm not sure what makes a movie a "fall" movie for me except:
  • These movies do show the fall season
  • These movies have great "fall" soundtracks
  • I need a good excuse to watch these movies over and over because I love them and fall seems like a good excuse.

Without further ado, here are my top three fall movies!

3.  You've Got Mail
Meg Ryan, books, coffee shops, New York, delightful soundtrack ... what says fall more than that!?!

2.  Step Mom
New England colors, quilts, and quippy one-liners make this a must-watch September movie!

1.  When Harry Met Sally
Meg Ryan (again), quippy one liners (again), New York (again), great colors (again), and an amazing soundtrack (again) ... This is a fall movie even Matt likes to watch.

What fall movies have you "fall"en for?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday's Too Clean Tip--Dry Erase Marker

A friend has a dilemma.  Her daughter loves dry erase markers.  Her daughter's clothing does not.

When dry erase marker gets on clothing we all have the same thoughts.  There goes that over-priced but super cute Gymboree shirt.

Well here are some tricks to try before you toss that shirt into the rag bucket (and if these tricks don't work, you still have a new rag.  It's win-win, really).

Option #1
Pour white vinegar on the stain, soak and then rub.  You can try the same thing with isopropyl alcohol.

Option #2
Amodex ink remover (you know, if you have it lying around).

Option #3
Murphy's Oil Soap (this might fade darker garments, though).  You can spray it on, let it sit a minute, rub it out with an old toothbrush.

Option #4
Magic Eraser--yes, some people swear you can rub this over stains on your clothing/furniture/carpet and that it'll get them out.

Option #5
Baby wipes, Tide Pen, or Shout Wipes (these are best if you catch the stain right away).

Option #6
Sunscreen--rub a dab of baby sunscreen into the stain, let sit.  Rub with toothbrush and rinse.

Of course you could just buy Foohy washable dry-erase markers :)
Just sayin'!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Project: In My Daughter's Eyes

Remember that zany letter I wrote to my 12 year old self?  It got published today on the Project: In My Daughter's Eyes website.

Dove is stealing this idea now--Yep!  It's that good!

Check it out and then submit your own.  Some 12 year olds need us!

Your Words--The Book that Rocked Your World

I'm always looking for new reading material.

I also always want to know what people love to read.

So tell me, what book do I HAVE to read and why?

What book did you read that totally rocked your world?