Saturday, December 25, 2010

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Dear beloved friends and readers,

This is my favorite Christmas song of all time.

May it convey all I hope for you this Christmas season.

Merry Christmas,

Friday, December 24, 2010

Fashion Friday--Holiday Colors

Every year winter brings with it holiday colors.

This year, those colors are white, berry, and gold.

I'm all over it!

Are you dreaming of a WHITE Christmas?

Berry Christmas to you!

GOLD, incense and myrrh

I'm always posting stuff you can buy now at stores like Gap, Old Navy, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, etc., but don't forget you can find great stuff at second hand places, like Plato's Closet and Goodwill. I got a great gold belt at our local Goodwill for $1! YAY!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

{Holiday} Things I Love--Traditions

My favorite part of the holiday season are the traditions.

I love that we do a big fancy-schmancy dinner on Christmas Eve and something low-key Christmas Day so I can enjoy time with my family and not my kitchen appliances.

I love that we eat the same coffee cake for breakfast every Christmas morning. 

I love that we sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus before we eat that cake.

I love that we don't *have* to open presents first thing.

I love that we sit around an pajama clad audience and slowly open gifts--sharing what we received and thanking the giver.

I love that we go outside and worship in God's creation.

I love that we host an annual Christmas party and cookie swap.

I love that we act out the Nativity story with Little People.

These are little things--very little things--but to me, this is what makes this holiday season such a blessing.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What I Think About--Santa

Not so long ago I gave you my schpeel on why I struggle so much with Christmas.

In that post I also told you that we don't teach our kids about Santa.  I received a couple of comments/e-mails about this decision.  A couple were very supportive but a few others pretty much berated me as the worst mom ever since I'm "ruining" my kids' childhood fun.

I decided to take today to explain why we don't do Santa.

First let me say that I think this is a heart issue, not a salvation issue.  I don't think anyone's going to hell in a handbag for celebrating Christmas with Santa or without him.  Santa is not right for my family; my sister's family does Santa--we parent differently in many areas and this is one of them.  On issues such as these, it is okay to disagree agreeably.

Next, you must know I have a Santa collection.  I don't have a ton of them but it started with this ironing board Santa my mom and I made in '94 and has grown. If you came to my house you will see Santa Claus.  However, you won't see us celebrating him, singing about him, or telling stories about him.

Here's why.

This poster has been floating around for a while and it pretty much sums up my point of view:
Photo Source
In case you can't read it, the poster says: Dear Children: One day you will learn everything about Santa Claus.  On that day remember everything the adults have told you about Jesus.

Whether we like it or not, many people think Jesus is a lie just like Santa is a lie.  A nice lie.  A fun lie.  A lie of hope.  But still a lie.

My problem is that I don't believe that Jesus is a lie.

And I don't want my children to think Jesus is a lie, either. 

If you are critical like I am, you've probably noticed that Santa has some pretty god-like characteristics.  He's  all-knowing; he is everywhere; he has the power to put kids on the nice or naughty list. 

My problem with this some of the hidden agenda here. 

  • Kids get what they want if they are good (enter discussion on saved by faith v. saved by works here). 
  • Kids "obey" because they are afraid of "not" getting what they want as opposed to obeying for the sake of learning, with their hearts and character, what is right.
  • Kids learn that seeing is believing.  They can believe in Santa because he is everywhere--at the mall, at the YMCA, in Church ...
Is it any wonder that when kids learn the truth about Santa--that he's not real, that he's not omnipotent, that he's not omniscient, they begin to question these truths about Jesus as well?

I never want my children to have this conversation:
One boy asks the other, "What do you think of all this Jesus Christ stuff"? And the other boy replies, "It all sounds like another Santa Claus to me – probably just another lie."
I know some people say that Santa is needed for good imagination and that it's just fantasy. 

That may be a fine point but the problem is that kids don't KNOW that Santa is fantasy and so they idealize and love and worship something that is. a. lie. 

Furthermore, my daughter has a fabulous imagination.  She has imaginary wolf and fox friends.  She drives laundry basket cars and goes shark diving in the bathtub.  And she's done it all without Santa.

I don't need Santa to make Christmas fun and festive.  I don't need Santa to help me raise/discipline my children.  I don't need Santa to increase my children's imagination.

I need Jesus.

He is who I celebrate at Christmas.  He is the one who guides me on my parenting roller-coaster.  He is the giver of ideas.

That's why I personally feel like it is wrong for Matt and I to stress Santa Claus at the expense of talking about Jesus during Christmas. If we don’t make it a point at Christmas to tell our children about the significant birth of Christ, we are missing an incredible opportunity.  If we lie to get our children to believe in Santa while telling them about Jesus, then we set ourselves up for having to explain later on why we lied about Santa while hoping they'll trust us when we say Jesus is real.

What I think about Santa is that involving him in your holiday celebrations is your decision.  My decision is to ignore the charming little story in lieu of what I believe is the truth: JESUS.

(If you are interested in a lengthy, biblical analysis of Santa in culture, click here)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

To Do Tuesday--Wish Us Happy Anniversary

******Today is our anniversary!******

Here are 21 Fun Facts about our marriage:

21.  We got married on a Saturday.  On the Friday before we finished our finals from grad school and law school, decorated, attended showers, a rehearsal, and a rehearsal dinner.  Phew!

20.  Matt used a line on me: "So if I were gonna call you, what name would I look up in the phone book?"  My answer?  "I'm unlisted but if you'd like to ask for my number I'll give it to you."

19.  I kissed Matt first.  I'm kinda bold like that.  It was 3:00 am and freezing out.  He didn't walk me to my car (good thing too since I was floating).

18.  Our "song" is Little Black Backpack by Stroke Nine.

17.  We didn't dance to that at our wedding.  We danced to Back at One. There's a story there.

16.  We always go to bed at the same time.  Always.

15.  Matt told me early on he doesn't like onions or mushrooms.  I know 2 recipes that don't have one or the other in it.  He now likes onions and mushrooms.

14.  We like to recreate together--hiking, rock climbing, road biking, scuba diving ... give us the outdoors and each other and we'll be fine.

13.  Matt handles all our finances and I do all the cooking. We are like the stereotypical couple from the fifties (except I don't vacuum in dresses).

12.  We take the game "truth or dare" to new levels each time we play.

11.  We still date one another.

10.  We have never, ever used the bathroom in front of each other. (We said we'd never do that and his aunts said we'd cave one day. We've been together 11 years and I've never seen him pee!  Can I hear an amen?!?!)

9.  Matt throws up louder than anyone I know.  I stop being sympathetic right about the time his dry-heave sessions wake the kids.

8.  We have very secret codes, innuendos, and looks we give each other in public.  I've "said" some pretty naughty stuff in your presence ... trust me :)

7.  One time Matt's mom kept calling and calling and calling us.  When Matt finally answered, she asked where he was.  He said, "In the shower."  She asked, "Why didn't Reagan answer the phone."  He said, "Because she was in the shower."  Now my MIL (who is awesome BTW) just leaves a message.

6.  Matt is better at making breakfast than I am.

5.  My dad told Matt that he'd be the most wonderful person in the world, save that one week a month when he'd be the worst man alive.  My dad knows me all too well.

4.  Matt does kind things for me out of nowhere.  A lot.  One time he left fifty(ish) yellow post-it notes EVERYWHERE in our house telling me things he loved about me.  You can't buy awesomeness like that!

3.  Matt has never forgotten my birthday or our anniversary; if it weren't for me, he'd never remember his family member's birthdays or anniversaries.

2.  Matt and I laugh ... a lot.

1.  Though there have been ups and downs, and diagonals in our life and marriage, I wouldn't want to go through life without Matt.  He is my perfect provision!

Happy Anniversary, Map!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Guest Bloggers Wanted!

I hate to brag but I'm going to Mexico in January and I'd love some guest bloggers!

Interested in writing a piece for WITMIM? ?

Well, send me your submission to whereisthemeinmomm{at}gmail{dot}com by December 21st and I'll let you know if you made the cut ;)

Feel free to write about anything MOM, WOMAN, or WIFE related.  Recipes, craft ideas, opinion pieces, fashion finds or faux pas, ... your call.  For one week only I won't be following my general routine.

HOWEVER, each sumission must include:
  • Your name and the names/ages of your children;
  • Links to your blog (if applicable) or esty store;
  • 2-3 good quality photos;
  • E-mail in html format preferred.
What you'll get in return:
  • This is not a big blog by any stretch of the imagination but you will get 1 day of my reader's attention (and I'd rather have 100 loyal followers than 2310 luke-warm follwers, BTW!).
  • Hot silver gums (Okay, this is a "nothing" award.  M.E. decided "hot silver gums" were the coolest thing ever so now I hand them out like invisible trophies. It's kinda like Who's Line--the points don't matter--neither do the hot silver gums.  But it sounds cool, doesn't it?).
Once again, if you are interested send e-mail me your submission of your post by Dec. 21st.

**Please note** I have the right to refuse submissions that are not in line with the mission and vision of this blog.  I also maintain the right to edit as needed.

Oh and one more thing, I'm all about controversial topics but keep the language PG cuz that's how I role!