Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Too Clean Tuesday--Shine Your Sink

You are going to think I'm type A, unbalanced, nuts a little over the top but for some reason, having a shiny kitchen sink seems to make my day/week/month better.  I found the original directions for sink shining here but I modified them (mainly because I don't want to wait an hour for the bleach to work and like to do both sides of my sink at once!).

So here's how to get a shiny sink Reagan style.

  • Remove dishes from your sink and rinse food gunk down drain. Run disposal.
  • Put in sink plugs.
  • Fill BOTH sides of the sink with hot water (as hot as possible).
  • Add 1 cup of bleach OR ammonia to each side and continue filling with water until water is at the brim.  (Side note: I perfer the ammonia to the bleach because if you drip the bleach water on you or a sink towel you'll get a bleach stain.)
  • Let your sinks soak for 15+ minutes.  (Let's be honest, if you sink is pretty nasty soaking might take an hour).
  • Using tongs OR dishwashing gloves, pull the plugs.  Remember the water is HOT. *If you used bleach DON'T touch your clothing!*
  • Rinse Why rinse? Because you'll be adding other cleaners and you can't mix bleach/ammonia cleaning products.  It produces deadly gasses--much more serious than those produced from too much refried beans and greens.
  • Get a rag and some Comet (or Ajax or a non-abrasive cleaner) and scrub the inside of your sink.  A sludgy grey goo will come off.  You never knew that was on there, did you? Don't use steel wool or harsh abrasives--they will scratch your sink).
  • Rinse.  Yes, again.  I use Comet with bleach and I don't want to mix that with the ammonia-based Windex that I use.
  • Dry with a towel.
  • Now spray your sink with a glass cleaner and wipe it out with a paper towel.

Your sink should be super shiny now.

To maintain the look, simply wash all your dishes in the bathtub.  Just kidding.

Every time you use your sink, DRY it (leave a towel right by the--even your kids will catch on but I make no promises about husbands.  I'm not sure my DH has ever noticed that the sink is shiny).

If you don't want to maintain it, do this once every month or so.  You'll be glad you did (especially after you see the grey goo.  Part of you will always think--ick, the sink is filthy unless I can see my face in it!).


  1. Good tips! Welcome to the Friday Follow. I'm your newest follower. So glad to have you with us. I'm way behind but here I am.


  2. Thanks for following Tami. Hope your sink shines :)

  3. okay Reagan...I'm slightly obsessed with keeping my sink shiny clean now. Not sure if I should thank you or blame you for this sickness. :) I thought I kept it clean before...but it does look better after the long soak and scrub. And I must say that I think drying it after doing the dishes makes a huge difference. Ah man...another thing for me to be OCD about.

    Just kidding...good tips! :)

  4. Shelly--

    Sorry if this makes you crazier but I figure if you're gonna be a bit nuts, you might as well have a clean house (or a clean sink).

    I shined my sinks last night and promptly announced to Matt that from here on out, we are washing dishes in the bathtub. I have a feeling I'll lose this battle ...


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