Saturday, February 13, 2010

Days of Play--Hide and Seek

We all know how this one goes so get silly and play.  Work on counting, being quiet, object permanence (for wee ones), and belly laughing.

For Younger Kids
Instead of hiding people, hide a toy, count, and look for it together.

For Older Kids
Even if your kids can play this alone, they'll have more fun if you play.  Hide in really hard spots so they'll have good places to go next time their friends are over.

**This is an excellent time to remind children that they should NEVER hide in the fridge, freezer, storage tubs, cooler chests, or any other place that could lead to suffocation**


  1. What a great idea!
    My daughter decided to hide in one of those large vaults they have at the outdoor store (the fireproof, airtight kind for guns). She was standing right by me - they were behind us. I was looking at something on the opposite side of the isle when I heard a click. She had shut herself in one - and all of them were shut at that point. It took us a few minutes to find her - you could barely hear her screaming at the top of her lungs inside one.
    The guy with the combinations had gone home for the day.
    Talk about panic. Knowing your child is locked in a safe, running out of air, and there is no way to free her - and time is running out.
    Luckily the guy was only ON his way home and they were able to reach him on his cell.
    We eventually got her out - but let that be a lesson. It didn't even take a second - she was literally right BY me, and just stepped into one and shut the door.
    It should be a policy that these things are locked to begin with, but it's not. So maybe discuss where some of these things might occur.
    Sorry for the length; this just brought it all back.

  2. Jessica--

    I cringed reading that. I'm super claustrophobic so I'm pretty sure I'd be OOBER panicked if this happened. I'm glad your daughter was okay and I hope other moms read this and remember to teach their kids about being safe :)

    Thanks for sharing--I love long comments :)


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