Friday, February 12, 2010


Stupidity + Love = Cupidity

I just saw that word and loved it.  It's no secret I love to make up words and this one is brilliant!

Cupidity--I've so been there.  Of course, so has Matt and since this is my blog I'm at liberty to rat him out with few repercussions.
He is so mansome (handsome+man=mansome)

As a part of my Spy School he made me take a quiz about him.  However, he didn't put one right answer, he made it a trick quiz where I had to pick the "most" right answer (very lawyerish of him).

For example:
1.  What is my favorite food?
       A.  Filet Mignon (P.S. One of our early dates he actually pronounced the G in mignon)
       B.  Grandma's fluffy salad (oh, remind me to post this later.  Yummy!)
       C.  Keebler Elf Cookies (Mmmmm)
       D.  Pancakes with peanut butter (ick but whatever)

The correct answer is TACOS--not listed at all.

Needless to say, by the end of the quiz I was convinced I'd been married to a stranger for 7 years and was seconds away from a tantrum furious.  He meant this to be a fun, silly date idea.  I felt like he'd made of fool of me.  I can laugh at it now because that was a moment where Matt demonstrated cupidity perfectly (he does so well most of the time!).

Ah to be fair, my biggest mistake in cupidity is forgetting that I need to woo Matt just like he woos me.  He's a sucker for romance, too (but he'd likely not admit it!).

Ready to confess a moment in cupidity?  Please do.  It'll make us all feel better ...

Happy Valentines to the man who makes me feel cupidity all over!  

P.S.  This photo was taken in Vedauwoo, WY.  It's so beautiful it looks fake but I assure you, it is real!

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