Monday, April 19, 2010

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is coming soon--May 9th to be exact.

At our house we go for an annual Mother's Day Hike but other than that, we don't really have any Mother's (or Father's) Day traditions.  I personally like to stay away from the Mother's Day "fun" that is spring cleaning and yard work.  Really, who decided working on this day is celebration?  If you want to celebrate mom by cleaning up, do it on May 8th.  Or May 10th.

Another thing about Mother's Day is who to buy for.  Do you just get something for your mom?  Your Mother-in-Law?  Your grandmas?  Sisters?  Friends?  It's all very confusing.  And expensive. What always happens to me is I have NO IDEA what to get anyone.  Hence, this post.

I've collected some ideas (bargain to splurge) of gifts for the moms around you.  Of course I've included ideas for my favorite gift--gifts of time!

Sisters or Friends
  • Buy packets of flower seeds and attach a small, handwritten note saying, "Happiness held is the seed.  Happiness shared is the flower."  John Harrigan
  • Buy a bright summer shade of nail polish and attach a small note saying, "Paint a rainbow inside of you, paint a rainbow and let your smile shine through.  When it's cold and gray, push the clouds away, paint a rainbow in your heart,"
  • Write a sweet and sincere note telling the "mom" what you love and value about her.
  • Send a bouquet of flowers with the same note.
  • Give the nail polish and note above with a gift certificate for a manicure.
Gift of Time
  • Give the seeds and note along with a certificate to plant a garden together.
  • Go to your friend/sister's house with a bowl, a towel, lotion, and nail polish.  Wash her feet, give her a foot massage and paint her toenails.  Giggle while you do it!

  • Go to a photo site and create a collage of photos.  8x10 prints run around $4.  
  • Make a mixed CD of music the mom would love (Josh Grobin and Celine Dion oughta do it--Matt if you are reading this and you make me a CD with either or those artists you will be judged most severely. Leave off anything by Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber or Katy Perry, too!).  
  • Make a plaster of paris handprint for each of your children's hands.
  • Get mom a Mother's Ring or mother and child necklace. 
  • Make a blog book or a hard-bound photo album.  
Gifts of Time
  • Take a walk down memory lane with mom.  Pull out old photos and letters and learn all about her (as someone whose mom has dementia, I can't push this one enough!)
  • Host a tea party.  Invite mom over for mini-sandwiches and cakes and a cup of hot tea.  Children can help serve and can provide the entertainment by reciting cute verses or singing songs.

  • A fashion consultation from The Good Life For Less
  • A killer new bag
  • A pair of wedge sandals for spring
  • The Everlon love-knot right-hand ring I love :)
Gifts of Time
  • Go shopping together to pick out a gift
  • Go to Goodwill and do a style challenge.  Whoever puts together the most fashionable outfit for less wins (loser buys ice cream or cheesecake)
  • Help mom clean out her closet to make room for a new season of clothes.

Supermom (who needs pampering)
  • A basket full of homemade body scrubs, body butters, and soaps
  • Gift certificates for: back rub, laundry, grocery shopping, etc.
  • Car wash and detail (water guns encouraged)
  • Hire a maid service for a month (or twelve)
  • A day at the spa
  • A night away at a hotel with room service
Gifts of time
  • Give mom a copy of Don't Panic Dinner's in the Freezer.  Plan a Once a Month Cooking event and do it together.
  • Give mom a home-based spa day complete with bubble bath, massage, pedicure and manicure.

The Homebody
  • Buy and play Farkle
  • A new book with a sweet inscription (May I recommend Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers for the romantic, Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen for the fiction lover, and Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson for the non-fiction lover?).
  • A new movie
  • A new reading chair (or other piece of furniture)
  • A great new blanket to cuddle in
Gifts of Time
  • Organize a family game night or movie night
  • Do a mini-makeover of a room 

The Adventurer
  • A travel book
  • A new piece of equipment for their favorite activity (think air pump for a biker or goggles for snorkeler)
  • A first aid kit
  • An exciting day trip: white water rafting, hot air ballooning, Ferrari driving, etc.
  • A vacation 
Gifts of Time
  • Pack an outdoor picnic and go for a hike.  
  • Spend some time recreating together--go for a walk, a bike ride, etc.

The Practical Mom
  • New stationary complete with stamps (if they still make those--ha ha!)
  • Knee-high dress socks
  • A bin full of birthday wrap, bags, and cards so she's never out!

  • A year subscription to Real Simple
  • A great pair of comfortable shoes (think Dansko or Keen)
  • A gift certificate to her favorite store for new jeans
Gifts of time
  • Go shopping and put together emergency kits for the home or car
  • Run errands together
The Nature Lover
  • A book of birds
  • A home made bird feeder
  • A gardening set: knee pad, hand shovel, and gloves
  • A bird bath
  • A garden bench
  • A chiminea or fire pit
Gifts of time
  • Go on a bird watching expedition
  • Make a s'mores kit (skewers, marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars all in one organized container) and have a camp-out complete with scary stories or sing-alongs

So did any gifts peak your interest?  
Did you get an idea of what you can give?
Should I leave you a fill in the blank so you can print this blog and leave it laying around where your husband can see it?

Dear Hubby,

This year for Mother's Day I'd really like ___________________________________________.

To family members who are reading this.  Sorry to ruin the surprise.  And if you steal these ideas, we'll keep it between the two of us!  Well, maybe not.


  1. Great ideas! This might come in handy for me. I NEVER know what to get anyone for mothers day.

    An outdoor picnic and a hike sound great to me! I might have to request this as my mothers day gift.

  2. Love these ideas! Breakfast in bed and an afternoon spend outdoors sounds perfect to me. :)

    Btw, I just finished reading Water for Elephants - so good!

  3. @Amy--That sounds like my idea of a good Mother's Day, too!
    @MMN--Thanks for stopping by and the love :)
    @Sarah--Matt always tries breakfast in bed with me but I hate crumbs in the sheets and to be honest, until brunch time my idea for breakfast is Grape nuts! The afternoon out of doors sounds dreamy. And I heard Water for Elephants is becoming a movie and Rob Pattinson is playing Jacon (he's so NOT Jacob) and Reese Witherspoon is playing Marlena.

  4. I agree - Mothers work 365 days a year - Spring Cleaning and yard work are NOT on my Mother's Day agenda!


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