Friday, April 23, 2010

Frugal Fashion Friday: Accessorize Your Wardrobe Basics

Real Simple has a great "Wardrobe Basics" check list that you can find here. Today I'm taking their list of basics, throwing in some accessories, and showing you outfits you can make with limited pieces.

So here are the basics:

Now I got some comments and e-mails last week from folks who said they have a hard time using accessories.

Trust me, if you are going to have a basic wardrobe (see above) then accessories will make your style.

If you are like me you don't want to spend $30 on a bracelet. That's why I encourage you to check out accessories from stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe (heck, even Kohl's, Target, and Wal-Mart have some awesome pieces!). Here is a sample spread of what I think are minimum accessories:

The list of what I think are accessory basics:

  • necklaces, bracelets, earrings in gold and silver
  • a statement necklace, ring, or bracelet in a trendy color (trendy this year are turquoise, tomato, and dusty rose).
  • a scarf (I chose white but a color would really be awesome!)
  • a black bag and a neutral bag
  • ballet flats in black, neutral, and bold
  • a pair of sandals (you might want two--one black, one neutral)
  • a pair of heels (ditto)

Okay, so if you take a basic wardrobe and mix it up with some basic accessories, here are 5 looks you can achieve (5? I know, I went a little crazy. This is like adult Barbie Doll stuff here!)

Outfit #1--All Dolled Up

Outfit #2--A Casual Affair

Outfit #3--Cool Chic

Outfit #4--Errand Running

Outfit #5--Dinner with Friends

Trust me when I say I had to FORCE myself to stop at 5.  Even the most basic wardrobe can be glammed up with a few accessories (and most of the jewelry I have posted is under $6!).

It really is amazing how a bold necklace can change the whole feel of a T-shirt and jeans.

What outfit is most "you"?


  1. They are all great, but I LOVE the Casual Affair look and Cool Chic. I love the red necklace with the blue-jean jacket in the casual look, and I love the bag, bracelet, shoes, well just about everything in the cool chic look. Thanks so much for the tips. I will definitely use this, I might even go shopping for accessories this weekend! :)

  2. Good work!
    I would wear all three but love the "Cool Chic" look and tne necklace in "Casual Affair"!
    Thanks for following my blog too! ;)

  3. Casual affair and cool chic are totally "my" style looks. Glad you like them.

    Jules--Thanks for your post today! Fun. I have to plan an event!

    Amy--You'll totally have to send photos (or blog) about your accessories. Last week I got a new necklace ($3), scarf ($5), and bag ($10) from Plato's!

  4. Love them all! #2 and #3 are my daily wardrobes. I LOVE accessories!! I swear that I can wear my most expensive outfit and not get as many compliments as when I wear a pair of great jeans with a black tank, a chunky necklace and bracelet, and awesome bright red shiny flats.

    I shop like that as well - CHEAP. I find awesome stuff on sale at my fav stores (like Express) but most of my accessories come from places that go mega cheap like Burlington Coat Factory, Target, and Walmart.

  5. I would say that casual affair and cool chic are what I would wear. I really need to use your tips to get me some cute stuff when I lose the baby weight! Can you say incentive!!!!


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