Saturday, January 22, 2011

Days of Play--Pancake Snowman

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Saturday mornings at our house are "pancake" Saturdays.  Does your family do something similar?  If so, try making these cute, fun, and delicious pancakes!

Try to make some pancake snowmen!

You will need:
  • Pancake batter
  • powdered sugar
  • whipped cream
  • m&ms, raisins, crasins, etc.
To Do:
  1. Make pancakes in three various sizes: silver dollar, standard, large.
  2. Arrange pancakes on a plate in the shape of a snowman.
  3. Dust with powdered sugar.
  4. Add embellishments to make the snowman come to life.
  5. Use whipped cream to look like snowflakes/snow drifts.
  6. Eat.

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