Monday, January 17, 2011

Family Resolutions: It's Not Too Late

A few Sundays ago our local paper featured on article by John Rosemond on family resolutions.  It never dawned on me to make family resolutions but as I read through these, I really liked them.  There were 14, which is WAY too many for me, but I thought they were worthy of cutting out and hanging on the fridge as a reminder of what really matters when it comes to family.

Anyhow, I wanted to summarize them and share them with you. 

1.  We will keep birthdays simple.  No expensive "event" birthday parties.
2.  We will spend as much time helping our children develop good manners as we do helping our children get good grades.
3.  We will appropriately discipline our children and teach them to apologize.
4.  We will work as a team and assign chores.  We will do chores before we relax/recreate.
5.  We will insist that our children NOT have cell phones until they can pay for them.
6.  We will tell our children that being different is okay when they complain that they are the only ones who have to do chores or don't have cell phones.  (We will also point out that if everyone else has a cell phone then they can borrow one when needed).
7.  We will not serve customized meals.  Kids eat what adults eat.
8.  We will bond with our children but not in bed.
9.  We will keep our marriage first and refuse to revolve around our children.
10.  We will take care of ourselves and engage in adult-only activities.
11.  We will put children to bed early so that they will be well rested and we will have alone time (or couple time).
12.  We will eat together as a family six times a week (even if we are having take out).
13.  We will limit after school activities.
14.  We will help our children develop hobbies rather than buying "things."

So what do you think?  Any you like?  Any you dislike?

Personally I would add: We will have "technology free" nights where we read and We will have a monthly family game night.  And I honestly don't care with you bond with your kids.

Do you do family resolutions?  If so, what are they?  If not, have I tempted you?


  1. I think the kids eat what adults eat could go badly wrong, our taste buds change as we grow older so things children hate they find they enjoy later and its not because they just didn't want to try it or refused to enjoy it. I think forcing children to eat food they dislike would be just cruel, I hate most fish, always have and probably always will, I'd feel hurt if my mum disregarded this dislike and force fed me fish.

    I also think that sometimes having so many rules stops a family having fun. There are times when children need structure and rules and then there are times when we all can say "stuff it I want to play" and they need to know that's okay, the world won't end but the chores will be there tomorrow to be done.

    Honestly as much as I think many of the rules are well intentioned I'd hate to have the guy as my dad, he doesn't sound much fun to me...but this is just from seeing one thing, I'm sure he's a wonderful man.

  2. I LOVE the idea of family resolutions, especially the ones you added. Board games are fun! Although it doesn't have to always be board games. Card games, video games, and make-believe games are good too. I think it's just important to play together.

    I can understand where Pam is coming form - you don't want to create so many rules that everything is rigid and over-structured. On the other hand, without rules life can be too chaotic. Balance is key. Having rules doesn't mean they can't be changed. Kids grow older and therefore the rules have to evolve.

    Great post.

  3. I like the idea of technology free night, although it would be a tough sell to my husband.

    That's a good list. I like the idea of the cell phones. We have been debating this lately since it seems most kids get them at 8 these days. I would love an excuse to hold out longer!

  4. I really like this list. I don't think they are the "end all be all" but they are great guidelines. I really love number 1 - where I live the parties are so extreme and I just don't see the point on spending that kind of money on a little kids birthday party!!

  5. I love all of these!! I wish all parents could be on the same page, then there wouldn't be so many spoiled rude children around!


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