Sunday, February 14, 2010

Days of Play--Cookie Decorating

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is very special at our house because Mr. Gooey Guster is being dedicated this morning.
We are SOOO excited.  Afterwards our friends and family are dropping by for a soup bar, homemade rolls, and fellowship!

If your day is more low key, I suggest making some sugar cookies and decorating them.  This is a great recipe .  They won't be cut outs but you can still frost and sprinkle them!  Mmmmmm....


  1. Hey Reagan - Congrats on Pax's dedication! Ericka and Hamilton were both baptised today, and we were REALLY excited too. God must've been extra happy this morning! :)
    Pax sure is a cutie...


  2. Thanks Christy! Congrats on Hamilton's big day, too. We had such a great day--lots of friends and family.


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