Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things I Love--Cloth Diapers

There is a pretty big debate about cloth diapers.

Side #1--Cloth diapers take a lot of water to make; they take a lot of water to wash; they take a lot of time to care clean and fold; they make your kids smelly ...

Side #2--Cloth diapers require less water to wash than it takes disposable diapers to be made; cloth diapers have no harsh chemicals; cloth diapers don't fill up landfills; cloth diapers help kids potty train faster ...

In true Reagan fashion, I'm gonna tell you what I think.

I had a friend tell me she was going to use cloth diapers and I told her she was nuts (sorry, Ami).  Then I met Rene and Beth who used them and they looked comfy and sweet. Both of these gals shared a lot of information with me so by the time I found out I was preggers with Pax, I decided to look into using them.  But then I teetered--would it be too much work?  At that time, Molly lovingly reminded me that I have a washing machine and dryer so unless I feared getting carpel tunnel from turning on the machines' buttons, I should drop the purse and get the diapers.  And I did.

The result?

Is Pax's 6 month old tushy bum not the cutest thing ever!  I could eat it up!

I LOVE cloth diapers.
                                          I think they are amazing.

  • They rarely leak (because I treat them very well).  
  • They are super affordable (though it's a lot of up front cost).  
  • The laundry is not overwhelming. 
  •  Pax's bum is always cushy and he has only had one diaper rash.  (And anyone who knows M.E. knows that she was super allergic to the chemicals in diapers and had such bad rashes that her bum lost chunks of skin and bled). 

I use BumGenius 3-n-1 cloth diapers.  I got them from Kelly's Closet I literally got the package below in "boy" colors and got the Twilight baby legs.  Super cute!

If you are interested in cloth diapers but scared about the prospect of trying them, contact me at  I'd love to chat with you about cloth diapers.

Oh ya, remember the gray area.  You can cloth diaper halfway--use cloth by day and disposable by night!

What about you?  Have tried cloth?  Why or why not?  What did you think?  Love 'em or leave 'em?


  1. I REALLY wanted to give cloth a try with our last baby, I was just getting more involved with the "green" movement and felt hypocritical for doing so much other stuff and still using disposable diapers.

    I cannot tell you how many ppl talked me right out of it. Looking back, I really really wish I'd have tried them. The ppl freaking me out about "the work" and "smell" and such involved NEVER used cloth, so how did they know?

    Since then I've met a few ppl that have used and LOVED cloth. If I could go back and try them I WOULD. I think they are just adorable if nothing else :)

  2. My middle son called them his "sweet" diapers. I think that sums them up:)

  3. Mandy--They are so cute and cuddly. I'm sorry people freaked you out about them (though I probably would have been one of them). At least you can tell people now that you regret not having tried them because from what you hear, kids aren't any smellier nor is the laundry overwhelming.

    Debbie--Hear! Hear!

  4. I never tried cloth diapers with Lil. The whole concept of having to rinse poo out of a diaper grosses me out. I remember seeing my Mom rinse and dunk my little brother's dirty cloth diapers in the toilet and can't stomach the idea of having to do that. In fact, Khale and I have both thrown away a pair of Lillian's underwear b/c she had a nasty accident and it seemed like a better option than having to clean the poo up. Terrible, I know.

    Basically, I'm a wuss.

  5. Sarah--No shame. We all take different routes. We can't help it if you hate the earth and all the people in it :) Ha ha ha.

    On a serious note, the days of dunking diapers and poo are over! Now they have great little diaper sprayers (think kitchen sink sprayer attached to your potty). Just spray and flush!

  6. I love LOVE my cloth diapers!!

    Happy FF...a few days late! Cute blog! Would be great to have a visit from you.

  7. Just thought you might like to know (because of you) we just purchased a whole bunch of BumGenius Diapers! I am SUPER excited about them too! I would have never dreamed I would be the kind of mom who used cloth diapers, but they look so comfy for their little bottoms! :)

    We plan on having more kiddos, so in the long run these will end up saving us big bucks. Can't wait to try them out!


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