Friday, December 2, 2011

Date Night In: If You're Happy and You Glow It ...

I was completely wasting time when I should have been writing a paper for my GLTBQ literature class browsing around Pinterest a few weeks ago and found some crazy fun ideas using

Yes.  Glow sticks.

Anyhow, I complied several of the ideas into a fun date :)  I never dish details (okay, I do but not this time) but I will say, the bath idea was a hit.  Like a hit out of the park.

What you will need:

  • glass juice glasses, votive holders, glass jars, etc. (4-8)
  • 2 glasses you'll use to drink out of
  • either a special dessert OR a game (think Uno, black jack, etc.)
  • 10 empty water bottles without labels
  • ball (heavier kind of ball)
  • robes, towels, smelly-good bath stuff
  • glow sticks (I bought 3 packages of 15 bracelets from Target for $1 each)
  • some fun mood music
  • wine or sparkling cider

What To Do:

The morning of your date, leave your partner a note that says this "You make my heart glow.  Plan on spending the evening with me.  The fun starts at ___________."

Prepare (this took me roughly 5 minutes--you won't want to do it too far in advance.  Although you can get the bath area prepped ahead of time and just wait to fill up the tub)

  1. Get your jars/glasses out and clean.
  2. Fill 10 water bottles with water
  3. Break glow sticks (I love that part).
  4. Put 10 glow sticks in water bottles and seal them.
  5. Cut open two glow sticks (yes, this will get everywhere if you aren't careful.  No it's not toxic). Shake the glow stick juice into your jars/juice glasses.
  6. Take two glow sticks and wrap them around your drinking glasses.
  7. Get the bathroom set up for a bath for two--have towels and robes handy (and maybe a bottle water each in case it gets hot--literally and figuratively speaking).
  8. Make your special dessert (or get it ready to serve) or get out the game you are going to play.
Date Time:
  • Put the kids to bed while your partner relaxes.  
  • Set the scene--turn off the lights, get out all the glowy stuff, get the food/drinks out, etc.
  • Invite your partner into the date space and start the fun.

Glow + bowling = glowling

First up, go glowling.  Set up your glowing water bottles into a triangle shape (in a kitchen?  hallway?) and bowl.  I don't know how to keep score with bowling--if you don't know either, just add up how many "pins" get knocked down.  Goading and trash-talk encouraged.  

Dessert (or games) with the Stars

First off, I love the idea of "stars in jars!"

After your friendly game of glowling, go sit down and either share dessert and wine/cider or a game/cider with your "stars in a jar".  The light from your glow sticks on cups and the stars in the jar should be enough.  If you are sharing dessert, find some good conversation topics so you don't end up talking about the kids or bills or something un-dateish.  If all else fails, play "I've never"

Here what your glasses could look like (of course it depends on the glass ...)

Source: via Reagan on Pinterest

Romanti-glow bath

When your game/dessert is finished, invite your partner to go get ready for a bath (which is code for naked but it's creepy for me to say--tell your partner to go get naked.  Although I just said it so I guess it's not that weird).

While your partner gets ready, grab the stars in jars and go draw a bath.  Put the stars in jars all around your bathroom to set a romantic glow.  When you draw your bath, you can add great scents, oils, or fizzy thingies to really make it spa like.  To finish off the bath, throw in the remaining glow sticks.

The glow stick light is oddly seductive.  Plus, we had so much fun playing with the glow sticks while we soaked and chatted.

Now here is a true confession: baths actually make me feel dirty.  So when we were done with our bath, I gathered up the glow sticks and lined the shower with them.  We then took a hot shower by glow-light.  Quirky but it works ;)

P.S.  If you really want to go all out, you can:

Make drinks and foods that glow by using tonic water and black lights.  Amazing, right?

Make a glow stick sign

Draw a glow stick bubble bath for your kids

Who knew you could have this much fun with $3 of glow sticks?  Just the geniuses on Pinterest!

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  1. Love. Must try soon. I absolutely love your date ideas, so keep 'em comin', Mama!


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