Friday, April 1, 2011

Fashion Friday: The Little Black Dress--from Day to Night

Okay, okay, I did a rant on disasterous LBDs a few weeks ago. In that, I told you that your LBD should be able to go from day to night with nothing but some accessory changes.  Today, I'm gonna prove it.

The base dress here is from Ann Taylor.  Lovely.  Sophisticated. Sexy (without being slutty).

Wearing your LBD casually:

Wearing your LBD to work:

Wearing your LBD for a night on the town

See you just can't do this with a skimpy, tight LBD. Be wise when you buy your LBD and get ready to work it!


  1. Love the ways you accessorized this!

  2. You could also make it a casual look with cute gladiator flats. I also really like when people do a belted cardigan on top of their LBD - super cute.

    Btw - Ann Taylor Loft has 50% off their sale section (online and in-store).


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