Monday, March 28, 2011

The Difference Between Hearing and Listening

As I watch you move the lamp and climb onto the couch I tell you, "No, that's dangerous."

You look at me with a smile that says you heard me and choose to disregard.

I consider intervening and then wonder, for your own good, if I ought to let you learn the consequences of your actions.

I take that route.

The lamp falls and will forever lean to one side.

The remote controls go everywhere.

You slip, flip, and fall on to your head.

Loud wails.  Tears.  Red faced.  Something that looks like tears but is probably snot or drool.

I feel bad; yet at the same time I think, "Perhaps next time you'll listen to me."

And then it hits me.

Maybe God feels the EXACT. SAME. WAY.

Is He talking to me and I'm hearing but not listening?

I swear I haven't "heard" Him in weeks.  Or maybe it's been months now.

Has he stopped even bothering to try and talk to me because I don't listen, whether I hear Him or not?

What I'm feeling now, is this a consequence for hearing and not listening?  Do I feel separated because even worse then not listening, I've stopped even trying to hear?

May my red eyes and tear streaked face be a welcoming for You to hold me and comfort me and encourage me to listen ... next time.

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  1. What a fantastic thought. I'll bet we could all do a little better at listening.


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