Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things I Love: Dressing up jeans and a T-Shirt

I'm so not afraid to admit that I spend plenty of time wearing jeans and long sleeved T-shirts.  That combo is just SUPER convenient when you have little kids.

Is it possible to make jeans and t-shirts look pulled together?  You betcha!

How?  You know my answer--accessories!

So in this photo I'm wearing a pair of my favorite jeans and a chocolate brown long-sleeved T-Shirt.  But to make it a bit more pulled together I added a scarf (in orange to make my neutrals pop), a pair of super trendy gladiator sandals, and my new bag.

American Eagle Favorite Boyfriend (similar)--I got mine from Plato's Closet for $18
Gap Long-Sleeved T (similar)--$15--I got this 3 years ago
Orange Scarf (similar)--Plato's Closet for $5
Green Bag (similar)--Plato's Closet $10
Sandals (similar)--Forever 21--$7
Bracelet (Premiere Jewelry)--a gift

Just so you know, I love my "newish" bag.  It's a Kenneth Cole Reaction regularly $299 but I got it for $10.  Be prepared to see it with lots of my outfits!


  1. I LOVE that bag! I actually have a (Kathy Van Zeeland) bag that same color...I just love that color too! You look great! And you're right, that scarf just brings it to life! :)

  2. Very nicely done! Looks like i need to take a trip to Platos Closet? I've seen a sign for it in Cheyenne on Dell Range but have never been. Seems like it may be worth it! I need some new stuff too!

    Love the scarf!

  3. @Amy--Thanks ;)

    @Shelly--It can be a great store. I never get my hopes up because it is a "teeny-bopper" store but I can generally manage to find great jeans and accessories (shirts/skirts/coats/dresses are so-so).

  4. I too need to check out Platos closet! I love the way you dressed up a casual outfit. I always weat jeans and t-shirts. I'm about do for a new pair of jeans. The ones I wear all the time have a hole on the inside of the thigh from wearing them so much..I'm very sad about this.

  5. @Sarah--Maybe a shopping date is in order!?! My fav pair of jeans have holes in the upper thigh too! I get iron-able patches from Walmart and iron them on the inside of the jeans to prolong life. It works for me (and I can't get rid of my fav pair of jeans--I've had them for 8 years!)

  6. Wow, you got that bag for $10??? What an awesome deal! You look great!

  7. Works for me! These jeans were Erins fat girl jeans which makes me feel awesome when i wear them, since she's never been fat a day in her life. Plus I wore them through 2 pregnancies. I refused to buy pregger pants!

  8. You look amazing! Where in WY do you live? I always click on the email me button if you post follow up comments but I never get the emails--it happens to me with every blog. GRRR..but I would really like to know, so comment back to me when you get a chance. I used to work at the Cheyenne Target and I have a lot of friends up there still!


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