Monday, March 14, 2011

What I Saw in Vegas {Glam Colors}

I went to Las Vegas this past weekend for a romantic getaway with my smokin' hot husband.  {sigh}

We hit the spa, the best clubs, and some great restaurants. And of course we did some serious window shopping (we even took in a Guess fashion show!).

My hometown is a little behind the fashion scene.  Or a lot behind.  Whatever.  Anyhow, I got so inspired seeing new spring lines so for the rest of the week, I'm gonna gush about some of the trends I saw!

First up--BOLD COLORS!

Everywhere I looked there were bright reds, purples, blues, and yellows.  Colors were combined to make really bright, bold outfits!  Orange and fushia were perfect mates and purple and turquoise took the cake.  As if the color wasn't good enough, awesome 70's psychadelic prints were to be found in almost every store!

Here's how Big Money talks:

Here's how to work it on a budget!

Orange and Blue

Teal and Red

Purple and Yellow

If you want more information on how to rock colors, please click here to go to an earlier post that will give you the 411 on wearing color!

1 comment:

  1. What?! We live in a totally hip town. :)

    I kinda like it because it means I don't have to try very hard to look good by comparison.

    Except then I go to Denver and feel like a country bumpkin.

    Anyhow - last weekend I tried to convince both Khale and myself that I looked good in bright red. But failed. Oh well.


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