Thursday, March 17, 2011

What I Saw in Vegas {Trendy Accessories}

It's no lie that adding an accessory here and there can make or break an outfit (click here to read a post on why you MUST have accessories). So if you want to be in the know as to what hot accessories I saw in Vegas, here you go (and if you want to know why the heck I'm talking about Vegas, click here).

Canvas Bags

Yes, yes, clutches are all the rage ... right now.  But be looking for that to change as soon as the warm weather strikes making it a necessity to tote towels, sunblock, sunglasses, and chapstick.

This spring/summer canvas bags are making a splashing comeback!  Yay!

Get one in stripes, military infused, bold colored, dressy, or classic khaki.

Gold jewelry will be hot this summer.  Of course, silver will always be classic so hang on to your silver jewelry.  But this spring/summer when you are wearing your bold colors or girly military gear, pair it with gold, if you want to be golden!

"Look at me" necklaces are going to continue in popularity this spring/summer.  BUT if you want a switch up, be on the look out for bold bracelets.  Wood, leather, and other "earthy" bracelets will be hot.   

Don't wear bold bracelets and big necklaces together unless you aren't afraid to be mistaken as a chandelier.

DO stack bracelets of various shapes, sizes, mediums, and colors (think pearls with gold bangles, with coral crystals).

Super strappy, gladiator-type sandals are going to continue to be "it" shoes this spring/summer.  Also HOT will be "cuffed" sandals, wedges, and unique thongs (beads, colors, ruffles ...).

What accessory trend are you most/least excited for?

Are you an accessory newbie?  If you want to learn how to add accessories to make an outfit go from "nice" to "chic," click here for my 3-2-1 fashion formula!

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