Friday, March 18, 2011

What I Saw in Vegas {5 Spring Must-Haves}

To finalize my week of Las Vegas inspired fashion, I'm going to leave you with the top 5 trends I foresee for Spring.  Sometimes scouring thrift stores for "retro" items work like a charm.  So enjoy these "inspirational" snippets and see what you can put together on a dime! (And then e-mail me a photo so I can enjoy you!).

5.  Gingham and Stripes
Fun patterns will be all around this Spring/Summer.  Classic stripes and gingham will be popular.  Wear a yellow gingham top with denim capris, neutral flip flops, and red jewelry.  Or wear white pants with a green top and a purple gingham scarf.  Or simple add a boldly colored striped canvas to an already fabulous outfit!

#4 Denim and Navy
Denim (chambray) shirts and dresses were summer staples last year and the trend continues.  Whether it's a skirt, capris, shorts, or a jacket, denim is easy to wear.  If you don't want to wear denim, consider navy--a classic, timeless color.  Perhaps pair a navy top with white pants, a red gingham bag, red sandals, and a jean jacket.

As you go shopping or look in second hand stores, look for items or accessories in navy or denim!

#3 Florals
If you just went "Ewwwww" I don't blame you.  I'm not a floral girl.  However, this spring florals will be all the rave.  You can find dainty feminine floral tops to pair with skinny cargo pants or find a bold, eclectic floral pattern to wear with denim capris.  If all else fails, a floral accessory-like a purse or scarf--might add a lot to a denim dress!

#2 Polka Dots
Not just for your itsy bitsy teeney weenie bikinis!  You're gonna see polka dots on dresses, shoes, shirts, and accessories.  Polka dots are a cute pattern that can be overdone.  If you wear a large polka dot piece (say a dress or shirt), keep you accessories small and simple.  However, if you are using small polka dot pieces (purse or scarf), don't be afraid to mix patterns (click here for some mixed-pattern examples).  For instance, to white capris and a navy tank top, try mixing a red polka dot scarf and yellow striped bag.

#1 Coral
The color coral was in every shop I browsed through in Vegas--from Gap to Pucci!  Look for coral to be the "IT" color for Spring.  Lucky for us, coral was also HOT in the early 90s so second hand stores are likely to have a top or accessory!  If not, I found an awesome coral sweater at Gap for $8! (happy dance!).  Coral looks great with white, denim, teal, turquoise, navy and especially "pops" with gold jewelry!

And a bonus!
To come full circle on this week o' Vegas fashion, let me remind you to wear BOLD colors.   

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