Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things I Love: P90X

Matt and I started P90X in June.

For those of you who don't know, P90X is a 90 diet and exercise program that utilizes a series of home work outs to pump you up!

Check out the before/afters of these "ordinary" folks!

Matt and I are in our second week of phase two and we are loving it.  Don't get me wrong, it totally sucks.  We don't get to eat cheesecake or ice cream and our abs are burning and sometimes my arms are so tired I can barely wash my hair, but we love it.

I hope I have the courage to post my "before" and "after" photos when it's all said and done but no promises :)

Even without the photos, I can tell you that by the end of phase 1 (28 days), I was down 7.5 pounds, down 2.5% body fat, down 1.5 inches around my chest, down 2 inches at my waist, and down 1.25 inches around my hips.  Even though the measurements were down, down, down, I was not.  In fact, I feel amazing!

Even though I don't necessarily look forward to Tony Horton's constant babbling or the intensity of the program (7 days a week, 1-2 hours a day), I do love that it is a different routine every night (so I don't get bored and neither do my muscles).  And I love, love, love the way I'm lookin' and feelin'.

Inevitably someone is going to e-mail me asking if we are doing the diet portion.  Yes, we are because if I'm gonna bring it, I'm not gonna bring it half way!

If you are ready to bring it, and I mean, REALLY WORK and bring it, I highly recommend this program!

(P.S.  I suggest getting weights.  If you buy BeachBody bands you'll be okay but Target brand bands don't have enough tension and you won't get the results you want).


  1. My hubby and I are about to embark on that journey and honestly, I'm scared to death. We are seriously out of shape...but we can do it, I think! ;) I think we will have to take it pretty slow considering that we have other issues like bad knees and bad backs but I know that we'll feel much better!!! I don't think I will be able to post my before and after as there is NO WAY I'm putting a picture of myself in a sports bra out there...someone could blackmail me! ;)

  2. That's wonderful, you are both working together on the program! I'm also doing P90x.. I'm on my second week.. so far so good! Did you buy the supplements from Beach Body? How do you like the diet plan? It's a great workout! ~ Take Care...

  3. I've done some of those workouts with a friend and WOW! INTENSE!!! THe diet part is what gets me everytime.. I could be a size 2 if I could control my portions decently. Even though I eat healthy.. I eat A LOT. I've been thinking on that lately and how I need to practice more self control. Maybe YOUR before and after pics will inspire me ;)

  4. @Mandy--It is intense but I love it. There is a way to figure out calorie content so bigger eaters get more food! I need less than 1800 calories/day but Matt gets 2400!

    About those pics ... we'll see!

    @Tracy--We aren't supplementing now but we are seriously considering the recovery drink. I won't do the bars because I have nut allergies and most of them have nuts :(

  5. I am starting the actual lean program today! I got my bands and I think they are going to work! I am super excited. I lost 3 ponds with just doing the cardio portion last week!!


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