Friday, July 16, 2010

30 Things I Love About You: A Tribute

Welcome to the Dirty Thirties!
Today my smokin' hot husband turns thirty.  Yes, that means I'm older than him.  What can I say?  This cougar, cradle-robbin' thing is really working for me ;)

To celebrate Matt's special day we're having a yard-game party tonight with our friends and tomorrow we are going camping with a pair of our favorite people in the world!

Anyhow, for a little "Dirty Thirty" birthday fun, please read 30 random things I love about Matt.  And when you get to the bottom, leave a comment of birthday love for him (since he was my first follower on the blog and facebook and he is a loyal reader)!

30.  I love that you leave shoes everywhere.  Okay, it drives me nuts but I love that you can drive me nuts and I find it endearing (whereas other people drive me nuts and it makes me want to commit justifiable homicide).
29.  I love our inside jokes (like knowing what I mean and to the 2004 event to which I'm referring to above with the whole "justifiable homicide" thing).
28.  I love that you love chick flicks.  
27.  I love that you don't love anything Twilight related.  Now you know how dumbfounded I am during football playoffs.
26.  I love that you prefer to read non-fiction.  I mean really, who prefers non-fiction?  Just my hot guy!
25.  I love that you are convinced that you can read a map and drive at the same time.  You can't but I love that you think you can.
24.  I love that you love yard work.  It's all yours!
23.  I love that you care about what you wear.  And how your hair looks. And I really love that you get the distinction between something "matching" and something "going."
22.  I love that you aren't a pack-rat.
21.  I love that you've allowed me to "train" you to keep all the light switches going the same direction.
20.  I love that you love me in spite of my eccentric, OCD behaviors (like needing all the light switches going the same direction before I can go to bed).
19.  I love that I've know you since you were 19!
18.  I love that you bring out the adventurous Bond Girl in me!
17.  I love that you do all the car maintenance.  If it wasn't for you my car would never be clean or have oil.
16.  I love that you support me in all things--being a SAHM, being a doctoral student, being a blogger.  It's nice to know you are always my fan.
15.  I love that you help me decorate the house.  You have such great taste!
14.  I love working out with you.  Bring it!
13.  I love that you don't "see" the little smiley face icons in e-mails and texts.  I <3 U! :o)
12.  I love that you are so good to my family.
11.  I love that you play with our children (and other people's children).
10.  I love that you taught a room of my 8th and 9th graders how to do legal research for their Lincoln/Douglas debates. 
9.  I love that you can be totally metro but on the other hand, you aren't afraid to get down and dirty (I'm referring to brandings.  Get your head out of the gutter!).
8.  I love that you are obsessed with watches.
7.  I love that you think garlic bread and chocolate milk go with every meal.
6.  I love that you know when to laugh with me, when to laugh at me, and when to not laugh. (I may or may not be referring to the "it's another f****** mile away" incident).
5.  I love that you will eat whatever food I put in front of you (so long as it isn't an oyster or snail).
4.  I love that when we go on vacation, you just want to lay around.  You make me relax and that's a good thing.
3.  I love that you take care of all things linked to finances.  *Sigh of relief!*
2.  I love that you pray for me.  And the kids.  And my family  And your family.  And the president, the economy, our future, the dandelions, the Cowboys to win some sort of championship ...
1.  I love that the longer I know you, the more I love you!
Happy 30th, Babe! 
How about a little comment love for the sexy thirty year old?


  1. Wow! Sounds like you found a great catch. Bet you could name even more things...

    Matt: Applause, applause for watching chick flicks with your woman! Keep doing all those things right and you'll never have to worry about losing her. Btw, my hubby is with you on the garlic bread and chocolate milk thing at every meal!

  2. Happy Birthday, Matt. My hat's off to you for truly taming the wild woman. Glad you are apart of the family.

  3. Good job on #21 Matt. Jonathan, is still trying to train me on that one. Drives him nuts :)
    Heather B

  4. UGH! No comma after Jonathan. Typos drive me nuts!

  5. What a lovely post :) am inspired to do this for my love :)
    HOW do you guys work out together with 2 kids? Not a rhetorical question - seriously need the ideas for what is feasible in a home with a preschooler and a baby..

    Belated Happy Birthday Matt and I know the icons on the 1st line r lost on you!


  6. @ Anonymous: We work out with kids this way: before 7 am or after 8 pm. Early mornings or late nights--that's how we roll!

    Of course the other option is during nap time but I REFUSE to workout mid-day and have to re-shower, re-makeup, re-hair ...

    Finally, you could join a gym where they have child care :)


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