Thursday, March 4, 2010

Things I Love--Munchkin Food Mill

So I'm actually crazy about making my own baby food.  With M.E. I spent hours grinding and pouring over organic squashes and sweet potatoes.  I made gourmet fruit mixes like blueberry banana plum.  My baby food processor was my favorite small appliance (well, except for my tea pot).

I started the same process with Mr. Paxton.  The problem is, Pax prefers to eat something with more flavor.  My bland sweet potatoes and chicken baby food dishes don't suit his sophisticated pallet.

Enter my Munchkin Food Mill.  

Whatever we eat, Pax eats.  Seriously.  He's had taco soup, black bean hummus with carrots and rice, chicken stroganoff, southwest beef wraps ...  All I do is throw the food into the Munchkin mill tube, use the base to push it through the grate, and turn the blades.  Presto. Spicy and favorable baby food in minutes.  

If my mill dies before he's need for baby food, I'm totally buying another one (and for $8 I can afford it!).


  1. I'm totally going to get one of these whenever we have another kiddo. With Lillian I made the mistake of just feeding her too much fruit and not enough veggies b/c the pre-packaged stuff smelled and tasted nasty, except for the carrots.

  2. it is easy to make the baby food using tools like this.
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  3. Sarah--Smart girl. I'll help.

    Benbes--I agree. I had a great food processor which was perfect when I was making and freezing baby food. However, since Pax doesn't like the pre-frozen baby mush and I DON'T want to take out the processor 3x a day to make Pax's food, this little mill has been invaluable. (Plus, even my small sized processor doesn't fit in my bag so I can't take it on the go!) Ha ha!

  4. Hey Reagan - I'm about to start Hamilton on cereal and baby foods, and I've been debating whether to even attempt to make my own. I like the health and money saving aspects, but I'm not sure if my crazy schedule can handle it. Can you please write a quick guide to making your own baby food sometime (in the near future... :) )? I always love hearing your thoughts, even if I can't quite hang with you as SuperMom!


  5. Christy--

    You read my mind. Check back on Monday :)


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