Friday, March 5, 2010

Days of Play--Follow the leader

An oldie but a goodie that needs relatively little explanation.

Walk, run, hop, and crawl through the house or yard and have your child follow and mimic you.  Then switch roles.  

For little kids:
With little kids you can do this in a stationary fashion--raise your hand, fake yawn, etc.

For older kids:
Make your movements multi-stepped or more difficult. Somersaults, headstands, etc. (If you can still do 'em!)


  1. This is one of Eli's favorite games! We play it pretty regularly. He loves to go into the shower and pretend to wash our hair, feet, etc. It always produces lots of giggles! :) It used to just be me that was the leader but he is starting to do it (and do more than just march around laughing). It's been fun to see his play maturing.

    This is a great reminder! I often forget about simple classic games and they are usually the best ones! Like musical chairs! I think I will play that (a modified version) today! I bet he'll love it!

  2. This is a fav around our house too. Meems really loves it when I "make" Pax do her movements! And musical chairs is always a winner (except I generally lose!).

    Today we are having a lazy morning--dominos, HiHo Cherry-O, and puzzles!


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