Spy School

One of the most life changing moments in my marriage came about as a result of Spy School.

You can read about it here. <---Click that link!

If you want to spice up your marriage life, I encourage you to send your husband to The Spy School for Hot Dads!

Here is the letter of introduction to Spy School.

Challenge #1--Secret Photos
Challenge #2--The Power of Observation
Challenge #3--The Bartender
Challenge #4--Unagi
Challenge #5--Teacher, Teacher
Challenge #6--Sharp Dressed Man
Challenge #7--Distinguished Taste
Challenge #8--Casino Royal


  1. Hi Reagan I just found your blog when you did a guest bit on the Dating Divas.

    My husband and I are fans of Crime Detective writer Robert Crais especially his Elvis Cole series. I have adapted your idea and enrolled my H is Elvis Cole PI School.

    The photo mission is this weekend. I am participating as well and on Sunday we will share our covert photos. I am super duper excited about PI School and just wanted to let you know that I appreciate that you shared your awesome idea!

  2. History Mom--Thanks for writing and letting me know! I'm glad you are able to tweak these dates to make them work for you!

    Have fun and thanks so much for sharing!

    My husband is getting ready for his next installment of Spy School soon ...


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