Monday, January 21, 2013

I Can't How

I love the cute stuff kids say.

Like M used to say "All my myself."  So cute!

Right now Pax keeps saying "I can't how" when he doesn't know how to do something.

Mom: Paxy can you put on your coat.

Pax: "I can't how zip!"

It is so delightful.  I am kind of dreading the day he stops saying it.

I can't how.  So cute!

What cute stuff do your kids say?


  1. I agree, kiddo sayings are the cutest. Right now I'm just loving the ways Lillian mispronounces things - birfday, wewrry (really), etc.

    Oh, and I love how one of Harper's best words right now is "woof." :)

  2. Mine just learned 'no' and 'hi'. I never knew 'hi' could sound so cute.

  3. I miss your posts.

    So I'm going to comment on this one again.

    Any time you ask Lillian about something she can confirm she says, "Dats wight."

    Also, she just learned that Harper's middle name isn't "Leeserson" but one of her many nicknames.

    Harper only says "Mama" once every few days but all it takes is a glimpse of Khale and she's squealing "Dada dada dada!" and throws herself at him. :sigh:


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