Friday, December 7, 2012

Family Night: Grinch Feast

I'm the mom who saved dinner with breakfast.

Notice how I haven't been blogging?  I've really just struggled to find balance in life right now so blogging and exercise have taken a back seat to sleep and dissertation writing.  It's a real shame but it is just a season.

The one priority that WON'T slip is time I spend with my family.  BUT, some nights I do forget my family likes to eat.  I blame the dissertation.

Last Wednesday night this was the case.  It was 5:00 and my children were getting crusty and I thought, "oh ya, they might want to eat."

My fridge was mostly condiments so, I had to think quick.

We have a standing rule at our house. No Jim Carey "Grinch Who Stole Christmas" until after Halloween.  And here it was, after Thanksgiving and we hadn't watched the movie.

So I got an idea.  The mom got a wonderful, delightful idea.

I quick drew a hot bath for the kids (which I colored green and called a "Grinch Bath").  I helped them in (I almost said tossed but I don't toss children).  Yes, my kids can be in the bath alone.  Thank you, Jesus.

While the kids were in the tub I sent my husband this little message:

Happy WHOlidays!
You are invited to a night of Grinch fun,
with Who-Hash and Who-Pudding,Who-Punch and Who-Fun.
No planning is needed, RSVP not my style.Just show up for food and a showAnd enjoy your family a while.

And then I got to work.

In the kitchen I pulled out some frozen (gasp!) potatoes O'Brien and eggs and I whipped up Who-Hash (need a recipe?  Click here).

Then I made some Who-Pudding in the microwave. (click that link for the recipe)

And I made some green Grinch griddle cakes (secret code for I dyed pancakes green).
Well, they WERE greener than they look.  Remember, I'm not a photo blogger.  I'm a busy mom with an iPhone.

When the hubs got home we sat down and enjoyed our green Grinch feast (made entirely out of pantry/fridge staples in under 20 minutes).  Then we went to our TV room, snuggled on the couch, and started our favorite silly Christmas movie.  

About half-way through I made dessert (because I considered the pudding a part of dinner.  As far as I'm concerned when you have breakfast for dinner pudding counts as yogurt).  

For dessert we had Who-Punch.  Matt had purchased green apple soda to which I added vanilla ice cream.  It was super good.  You could dye clear soda green or just make green milkshakes.  Or skip this step altogether and call the pudding dessert.  But then we can't be friends.

Our Green Grinch Punch.  MMMMMmmmmmm

Why am I blogging this?

Two reasons:
1.  Because I miss blogging.
2.  So you know that I'm still hanging with my family and that YOU can too.  Tonight.  In 20 minutes.  

Go, make breakfast for dinner and a memory.