Saturday, November 10, 2012

Celebrating Crow's Feet

When people age, we presume it is with sadness or trepidation.  I mean, celebrities get older with Botox and Mercedes and pre-midlife crises and then midlife crises and then just crises.  Being young forever has its consequences.

I've always loved getting older and not just because on the outside (at this moment), I appear to be defying my age.

I will probably always wear make up and fuss about my hair (and dye my hair) but I will not age with a grudge.

Evidence of "crow's feet" on my eyes and small wrinkles around my mouth demonstrate how much I have laughed.

Small wrinkles on my forehead attest to the thought and concern I've given complex issues in this life.

My aging hands folded in prayer or intertwined with a loved one are a badge of love.

Laughter, love, and consideration of others--is this not the mark of a life well lived?

Wisdom does not always come with age but there is no reason joy can't.

So to my sister, Randean Beilgard Klindt, I wish a very happy birthday. Celebrating the life of your best friend is a wonderful thing!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Date Night {IN}: Words with Lovers

What's this? A blog post?  That's odd.  Obviously some one has hijacked WITHMIM?

Don't call the blogthorities.  It's Reagan.  I'm in New Orleans missing my family like crazy so I thought I'd share our last home date as a way of making my thinking of my husband (instead of preparing) legitimately legitimate.

Confession:  I love Words with Friends.  Matt plays with me because he loves me.  It's all pretty sweet.

But I decided to spice it up a little bit.  Ergo, Words with Lovers.

Um, if you want really classy pictures, you should probably check Pinterest because these are coming at you from my iPhone, and were taken at night.  Worst case photo scenario but I've never been a photography blog so ...

The pictures are bad but the idea is fun (and easy.  Did I mention I put this together in under 10 minutes?).

So here's what you need:

  • Cream colored sticky notes
  • Marker
  • Pen
  • Scrabble game
  • Scrabble letter values

Here's what you do:

  • Write out the letters for WORDS WITH LOVERS and put the sign where your significant other can find it (for me, that meant our crazy-dirty garage door).  See the first picture.
  • Write a letter on each sticky A-Z with corresponding values.  See the second picture.
  • On the back, write an activity you can do TONIGHT that goes with the value.  See the third picture.

 Here are some ideas:
A--Ask and answer one question.
B--5 minute Back rub
C--Cut the rug to "your" song.
X--Xperiment by kissing in a new way (um, spiderman kiss?)
W--Ask and answer a "would you rather" question.

Now, here's how we played.  I hid the notes and sent my husband on a scavenger hunt.  I hid them REALLY hard.  He didn't find some of the letters until the next day but that's okay.

Anyways, we broke out the Scrabble Board and just played regular Scrabble.  Whenever someone got more than 10 points or got a Double/Triple word, we did one of the post-it activities.

Remember a few lines up I said something about Spice?

Yeah well that's because activity S was STRIP SCRABBLE.  (Dad, if you are reading this post, please stop here.  Thanks).

Strip Scrabble is EASY PEASY (and if your spouse doesn't like games, this might be an option).

Set up your game as normal.  Whenever someone lays down less than 10 points, he or she must strip.  Whenever someone gets a double word or triple letter, the opponent strips 1 article of clothing. Whenever someone gets a double or triple word, the opponent must 2-3 pieces of clothing.  That's it.  Best part, it's kind of a win win even if you lose :)