Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Table Set for 5

Last year was tough--the first Christmas without my mom and all.

This year in the madness of life, somehow mourning had taken a back seat.

Until Christmas Eve at about 3:00 when I set the table ... for 5.  No need for that extra seat at the end.  And something inside hurt a little.  It made me think of those families who are dealing with this same sort of joy/grief I am.

It made me think of my friend M whose baby G went from womb to Jesus.

It made me think of families in CT who have gifts their children won't open this year.

It made me think of service men and women who won't be home, at least not this year.

Though grief is bitter, I do appreciate the ways it hits me.  The way it makes me put sweet, precious life into perspective. The way it makes me reach out to others who grieve, if only through prayers.

If you set your table with one less plate this year, if you were so wrapped up in grief you couldn't celebrate, if you struggled all day trying to be happy while a part of your heart was breaking, I understand.


  1. I completely understand. I stuggle every holiday as I look for my father, the family clown to come in and get the party started. My father passed away New's Year of a heart attack. As we approach New Year's again my heartaches more and more for his presence.

  2. I dread the day that I ever have to deal with something similar. Thinking about it sure makes you appreciate what you DO have though.


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