Saturday, November 10, 2012

Celebrating Crow's Feet

When people age, we presume it is with sadness or trepidation.  I mean, celebrities get older with Botox and Mercedes and pre-midlife crises and then midlife crises and then just crises.  Being young forever has its consequences.

I've always loved getting older and not just because on the outside (at this moment), I appear to be defying my age.

I will probably always wear make up and fuss about my hair (and dye my hair) but I will not age with a grudge.

Evidence of "crow's feet" on my eyes and small wrinkles around my mouth demonstrate how much I have laughed.

Small wrinkles on my forehead attest to the thought and concern I've given complex issues in this life.

My aging hands folded in prayer or intertwined with a loved one are a badge of love.

Laughter, love, and consideration of others--is this not the mark of a life well lived?

Wisdom does not always come with age but there is no reason joy can't.

So to my sister, Randean Beilgard Klindt, I wish a very happy birthday. Celebrating the life of your best friend is a wonderful thing!

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  1. I don't mind some of the signs of aging- though I'll still fight some of them. But they do show a life lived... hopefully well lived.


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