Friday, September 21, 2012

VIVA Las Vegas


This year has been hard on our dating life.  In the past we have been great daters.  I love to find dates and do them.  I love to create dates and enjoy.  I love to spend time alone with my husband--not as the father of my kids--but as my best friend and lover.

I don't know if it was the death of my mother, my father's cancer, the incident where I hit rock bottom, or what but dating ... well, it wasn't just put on the back burner it was taken off the stove top entirely.  And put into an old paint bucket.  And left in the backyard ... for the dogs to pee on.

Dating and being dated have not even come close to being on my priority list this year.

And I am feeling the effects.

There is nothing wrong with our marriage.

Life is going well.  We aren't arguing or disconnected.

I just miss the days where we aren't "mom and dad" or "teacher and lawyer."  I miss being 100% who I am with him and knowing he loves that part of me best!

We are going to Las Vegas this weekend for an "us" trip where we can celebrate love and marriage and intimacy (and sleeping in!).  

This doesn't make up for a year of drought in the dating zone but I'm looking forward to it reinvigorating us as a couple (not that we don't love being "mom and dad" but "Matt and RJ" are fun too!).


  1. Have fun partying it up!

    Except Vegas is still lame. Especially when it causes you to miss hanging out with me on our one mutual day off. :sigh:

    Also, totally know how you feel. This whole baby-who-is-anti-formula-given-to-her-by-anyone-besides-mom (and anti-sleeping through the night...still) business has made dates super difficult this year. But I do get to go to bingo! :)

  2. So happy for you guys! Enjoy your time as Matt and RJ. ;) I totally get what you're saying...we are in a very similar place! Have fun!


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