Thursday, September 20, 2012


My new Real Simple came in this week.

SQUEAL! (with a capital S folks ... this is exciting news!)

On the "Simple List" there is a note that last year (just last year), Americans spent $310 million dollars (yes, MILLION) on Halloween costumes ... for their PETS.

Right below that number is this one: 5 million.  As in 5 MILLION people (men, women, children) who benefit from the sale of Fair Trade items.

We will spend $310 million dollars on pet costumes but won't pay a couple dollars more for that Fair Trade coffee?

I can't help but be suspicious that some child working in sketchy labor conditions made those pet costumes for an unlivable wage.  Does anyone ever think this way?  Or does it not matter because it's just $10 here and there? We don't stop to think who makes that product or how us buying it matters.

I don't want to be preachy but seriously, something is wrong here.

I read those numbers and instantly recalled that part from The Hunger Games where the folks are talking about the rich people in The District and how the District people don't care about anyone other than themselves so long as they have food and entertainment.

And suddenly, I felt very sickish inside.

(On a lighter note, if you keep reading these posts thinking I should a lot like Junie B. Jones, good job.  Reading 25 books in one voice effects you as a writer, apparently.  Or else I just like to keep giving my friend Sarah a reason to roll her eyes).

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  1. I think part of the reason why I loved the Hunger Games so much is that it spoke so well to the "anti-stuff" mentality that I often have. Khale may have had to talk me back from a ledge after I read them because I wanted to live off nothing but watery soups and crusty stale bread for the rest of forever and give all the money we normally spend on groceries to various charities.

    That being said, it is a shame how easily we'll plunk down $4 for a Starbucks beverage but have a hard time paying an extra $4 for an entire container of fair-trade chocolate or coffee.

    On the coffee front though, I keep trying different ones but I've yet to find a fair-trade coffee that isn't gross and bitter. So that's been frustrating.


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