Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Redeeming the Day

Do I remember September 11?  Boy do I ever.

I'd never been glued to the TV like that before.  Never flipped from news channel to news channel dumbfounded, confused, and saddened by what I saw.

I'd never seen the country come together (momentarily) like that to buy flags, donate blood, and send money.

It was a life shaking time for me, for others, for this country.

And every year, we remember.  Memories now are burdened by politics and scandal but we remember.  We run Freedom 5Ks, donate blood and money, and send cookies to those in our service sectors.  It's all about redeeming the day.  About saying--you can break me down but you cannot stop me from rebuilding.

Last September 11 was another one of those days for me.  Bad timing, for sure.

No details but trust me, it was a day of destruction.  A day of tearing down.  A day of confusion and pain and ruin.

But I'm here a year later.  Still standing.  Still fighting.  Still reminding myself circumstances can tear me down but I will rebuild.

I will fight the good fight.  I will stand firm.  I will not be shaken.

I'm still here.

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